Elon Musk debunks the myth of overpopulation

From a December LifeSiteNews article, translated by a reader, about the myth of overpopulation:

The World Economic Forum (WEF) tried to “contextualize” [ses théories] after the billionaire and new owner of Twitter exposed his overpopulation ‘philosophy’ [E. Musk] referred to as “the death of mankind”.

Musk posted the comment in response to a tweet Wednesday from Wall Street Silver (WSS) [un forum d’investissement] features what the user calls the WEF’s “depopulation agenda”. The WEF has long endorsed the idea that so-called “overpopulation” threatens global stability. The organization advocates for expanded birth control and access to abortion with the goal, allegedly, of improving living conditions, especially for Third World women and girls.

The WSS tweet included a short clip from noted primatologist Jane Goodall. He said at the January 2020 WEF that many global problems could be solved if human population rates were significantly lower.

We cannot ignore the increase in human population, because it underlies many other problems He told the organization [de Davos]. ” All these things we are talking about would not be a problem if the population size was 500 years ago.. »

“For information, the population of the world was 460 million” WSS pointed out on Wednesday [21 décembre]. The population reached 8 billion last month. According to WSS, not “overpopulation” but an imminent “population collapse” and “low birth rate” will be the real problem for the future of the world.

Musk reacted to the tweet by admitting that it was Goodall’s vision [que la terre se porterait mieux avec une population beaucoup plus réduite] “is the death of mankind. »

A father of 10, with three wives in a row, Musk has long maintained that overpopulation is a myth. Last year [2021] he identified the low birth rate as “one of the greatest threats to civilization.” “I can’t stress enough that we are not insufficient a lot,” he told the Wall Street Journal. […]

Billionaire and businessman Elon Musk has once again issued a warning about the danger posed by low birth rates. He rejects the claims of globalist “experts” who insist that there are too many people in the world.

Musk has been making headlines for [son achat] of Twitter with the aim of restoring the principle of freedom of expression on this platform. He owns it [mi-avril] that despite the claims of climate experts and activists, it is low birth rates, not overpopulation, that endangers the future of civilization.

“Much of the population is under the false idea of ​​global overpopulation,” he told Mathias Döpfner, CEO of German publisher Axel Springer. “It’s not true” said the fifty-year-old, creator of Tesla and Space-X. “The land could support a population many times larger than it is today. And the birth rate is plummeting at an insane rate. »

While the US has maintained a stable birth rate for decades, it has fallen 20% since 2007. China, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Bangladesh and Indonesia also report rates of birth below replacement level.

In his comments [mi-avril] Musk blasted the “ridiculous population estimates” made by the UN, whose projections for 2100 predict more than 10 billion people. According to Musk, the estimates need to be “updated because they really don’t make sense. »

His warnings about declining birth rates are not new: Musk has been predicting the collapse of civilization due to population decline for years. Last year, he described the low rate as “one of the greatest threats to civilization. »

I can’t stress this enough, there’s not enough population,” he told the Wall Street Journal in December. [2021].

Musk’s warnings echo similar alerts from Jordan Peterson [professeur de psychologie et auteur renommé] which has repeatedly shown that the myth of overpopulation is inaccurate and even contains implicit genocide.

“I thought for 10 years that the biggest threat in the next 50 years was not going to have enough people,” he told Chris Williamson. [podcaster] in February. “This idea that there are too many people for the planet… there is no more genocidal undertone than that statement. »

“So what do you mean ‘too crowded,’ exactly?” And what do you mean by ‘planet’? And what do you offer for that, exactly? Mass abortion, is that your answer? Or should we consider something more radical? »

Globalists are using massive propaganda, in the media, in schools and by all government agencies to falsely believe that the world is doomed unless there are fewer people.

Elon Musk has done it again and blasted the World Economic Forum (WEF) for their overpopulation ideology on Twitter. We certainly don’t agree with Musk on a lot of things, but he smartly responded to WEF darling Jane Goodall’s ideas that the world would be better off with less population, contradicting that [c’est] already philosophy [qui] “is the death of mankind”. […]

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