We know when Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy S23

Notice to all smartphone addicts and technology lovers: you may have heard noises from the hallway that give rise to a certain Samsung conference that will be in preparation… We confirm it to you, the Korean brand has officially announced the date of its next Galaxy Unpackedwhich should really lift the veil on its new Galaxy S23 range.

For a few weeks now, there have been rumors about Samsung and an upcoming conference that will feature its new flagship, the Galaxy S23. The rumor turned out to be true, as the Korean giant just sent out invitations for its very first event. Galaxy Unpacked of the year, which will take place on February 1 next. And as expected, it seems that this one is dedicated to the new series of high-end smartphones of the brand.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will (finally) be unveiled on February 1, 2023

Expectations around the Samsung Galaxy S23

Let’s first remember the main rumor surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S23, with some big changes announced. In particular, it is expected that at the very heart of the new range, it will no longer be a chip homemade Exynos but a Qualcomm chip, and more specifically the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which powers the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra. In another performance criterion, less important, various leakers mention an improvement in autonomy in the three devices, which are equipped with a battery of 3,900 mAh, 4,700 mAh and 5,000 mAh respectively. All the noise in the hallway also gives rise to a new design, or rather the adoption for the whole series of the look that previously allowed the Galaxy S22 Ultra to stand out.

The three new models, on the other hand, should keep, according to rumors, the same screen size as their respective predecessors, namely 6.1 inches for the Galaxy S23, 6.6 inches for the Galaxy S23+ and 6.8 inches for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Although the brightness can eventually reach 2,200 nits, this is above all another standard that the most premium model of Samsung’s future flagships should continue to work well. If it is rumored that the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ should keep the same image characteristics as their predecessors, the Galaxy S23 Ultra could have a new monster main sensor, 200 Mpx.

From the chip to the design, through the battery and camera capacities, many improvements are expected for the new flagships of the South Korean giant Samsung.

Clues have entered the invitation for this Galaxy Unpacked 2023

Here is the official invitation to the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 conference. See you on February 1! © Samsung Electronics

Through an invitation as subtle as it is explicit, Samsung has managed to confirm some of the expectations we may have for this conference. Galaxy Unpacked 2023. It is the choice of visual, although at first glance quite sensible, which is actually quite revealing. In fact, this one suggests that the conference is really focused on the new Galaxy S23 series, and also seems to point to the famous design change expected across the range.

What makes us say that? These three spots of light, which seem to represent a triple vertically aligned photo lens, as we are used to seeing in Samsung flagships. Not only that, but these three simple spots of light actually evoke the new look that the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra should sport, due to the design change made in this part of the image. Like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and in the entire series this time, the rear sensors will no longer be included in a block, but will be left “bare” on the back of the devices.

Finally, we’re tempted to go a little further in our search for clues in this invitation card for Galaxy Unpacked 2023. Doesn’t the green tone of these light spots indicate the new flagship color of this new range? After the excellent burgundy of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it seems that this is the new shade chosen to highlight this new vintage. The rumor mentions in any case a “Botanical Green” (“Botanical Green” in English) among the colors announced for the Samsung Galaxy S23, which according to Phonandroid will also be offered in “Misty Lilac” (“Cloudy Lilac“), “Cotton flower” (“Cotton flower“), and of course always in “Phantom Black” (“Phantom Black“).

How to follow the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 conference?

that’s it Galaxy Unpacked will therefore take place in exactly three weeks, on February 1, 2023. For the first time in three years, it will be held face-to-face in San Francisco. But do not panic, if you also want to follow the conference live and thus be among the first to know what Samsung will show us, it is also possible to attend it virtually. The conference will actually be broadcast free of charge on the brand’s website, or on its YouTube channel, from 7 pm (French time). And if you can’t free yourself, know that you can always count SFR news to let you know and show these new Galaxy S23s in detail!

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