New software updates for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Watch series improve the Galaxy Camera experience

The new software offers users new possibilities, including the chance to capture the world as they actually experience it.

Samsung announced new software updates1 for Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Watch series. The new software improves the camera experience for users around the world. Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have long provided the best experience for anyone who wants to capture beautiful moments through photos and videos. Now, user experiences are getting even better by pairing the smartphone with the latest wearables. Thanks to the new 360 Audio Recording function, the surrounding sound is integrated with the video content. Additionally, an update to the Camera Controller makes it easier to use zoom in and out. These software updates reflect Samsung’s ambition to continue to deliver the best possible experience to its users.

360 Audio Recording: Capture the world as you hear it

With the 360 ​​Audio Recording feature, users can capture video sound exactly as they hear it. By pairing Galaxy Buds2 Pro with a Galaxy smartphone, anyone can create videos with realistic sound anywhere, anytime, without the need for professional equipment. Thanks to the built-in microphone in each earphone, the sound can be captured in 360°. The listener has the feeling of being in the place where the video was shot. This allows users with connected headphones to watch videos with realistic sound.

360 Audio Recording2 is the first feature in the Galaxy lineup to use LE Audio, a new advanced Bluetooth audio standard. This new technology improves sound quality and reduces battery consumption. In addition, LE Audio offers more complex and better sound, which also improves the sound experience. LE Audio now allows audio to be recorded on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro using the left and right side microphones simultaneously. By pairing Buds2 Pro with a Galaxy Z Flip4 or Fold4 smartphone, you’ll discover how the interplay of quality sound and video can immerse you in the middle of the filmed scene.

Camera Controller: take the perfect shot from your wrist

Taking photos and videos with a Galaxy allows you to stay in control of your creativity in any situation. On this side, the Galaxy Watch’s Camera Controller app is a good example. It allows users to control their phone’s camera directly from their wrist. A new update, coming to the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch4 series, brings new zooming capabilities to the app3. Users can control the zoom camera remotely, simply by pinching the watch face or rotating the ring on the screen. This function is ideal for taking group photos or selfies from a greater distance.


The new 360 Audio Recording feature will be available from January 17 through a software update on Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4. The Camera Controller app update will be available on the Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro, Watch4 and Watch4 Classic starting in February.

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1 In Benelux, software updates will be available from 17/01/2023.

2 The feature will be available on Galaxy Buds2 Pro, along with Galaxy smartphones with ONE UI 5.0 or later, and with Audio LE support, including Galaxy Z Flip4, Fold4 and future Galaxy smartphones. Requires installation of latest software versions on Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Buds. To activate the function, go to Samsung Camera app > Camera settings after selecting video mode > Advanced video option > Activate 360 ​​Audio recording.

3 The function is available on Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro, Watch4 and Watch4 Classic, along with Galaxy smartphones with ONE UI 5.0 or later, and with support for the Camera Controller app. Requires the latest software version to be installed via the Galaxy Wearable app.

4 Availability may vary by market, carrier, model and related smartphone. The update is first available on the Bluetooth versions and will later be rolled out on the LTE versions.

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