NBA. Boston pronounces its basketball, Jaylen Brown as conductor… The summary of the night

The Boston Celtics, who reign in the Eastern Conference of the NBA, pronounced their basketball on Wednesday against the New Orleans Pelicans (125-114), using the baton Jaylen Brown, author of 41 points, his best total of the season.

With this 30th victory in 42 games, the “C’s” can calmly prepare for their trip to Brooklyn this Thursday, to face the Dolphins held at a long distance (the Nets are at 27 wins in 40 games). However, the case for the Massachusetts franchise was not heard against a New Orleans team that has looked good this season, with the third record in the West (25-17).

The first quarter set the tone, with a close score of 35-32. But star guard Jaylen Brown, who averaged 27 points midway through the season, led the way, shooting 15 of 21 for 41 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. “It’s a long time, it’s a lot of basketball, all day, and you just have to always be ready to finish the job”Brown’s polite comment, supported by the other C’s star, Jayson Tatum, also the author of a double-double (31 pts, 10 rebounds, 4 assists).

However, the doublet was denied by some common teammates (Marcus Smart, Robert Williams III), but Malcolm Brogdon, from the bench, contributed to the victory, with 20 pts. The Pelicans also have notable absentees, including Zion Williamson, who is still injured. And if CJ McCollum answered the current (38 pts), it was not enough for the Louisianans, who stuck out their tongue in January (5 losses, 2 wins).

The “Resilient” Bucks

But let the clash of Celtics – Nets, therefore, a rivalry that the Milwaukee Bucks, 3rd in the East, will watch with great pleasure after their victory on Wednesday on the floor of the Atlanta Hawks (114-105). If this victory against a soft stomach team is not a surprise, the 7 small points of Giannis Antetokounmpo, they are. The Greek of the Bucks left the star Jrue Holiday (27 pts), but still got the job done in the game (18 rebounds, 10 assists).

Milwaukee, which had quietly led proceedings in the third quarter, also got a bit of a scare when it saw Atlanta come back at them. In the money-time, a basket from Serb Bogdan Bogdanovic gave the advantage to the Hawks (103-101), forcing the Bucks to burst with pride. “We are resilient, we don’t want to lose, positive Jrue Holiday. Close matches like this allow you to gain experience. »

In Tennessee, Ja Morant did not miss his return after two games away due to injury with a big contribution, with 38 points, to offer an eighth straight victory in Memphis, against the San Antonio Spurs (135 -129).

And in the Western Conference that has been hotly contested so far, a rivalry began between the Grizzlies and the Denvers Nuggets, who crushed Phoenix (126-97) and also have 26 wins in 41 games. The case was already folded at the break, the Colorado franchise entered the locker room with 70 points and a lead of 16 units.

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Just a small regret, for their Serbian star Nikola Jokic: the reigning double MVP almost failed to validate his 12th triple-double of the season (21 pts, 18 rebounds, 9 assists). But the appointment was made for the next game, Friday in Los Angeles, against the Clippers…

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