Understand the benefits of wage portage

Through wage portage, self-employed workers can benefit from social security benefits. But what exactly are these benefits and how can they help the self-employed under the RSI? Together we will explore how wage portage is a solution to offer independent providers solid and reliable social security coverage.

What is wage portage?

Wage portage is an independent worker status that allows freelancers to benefit from social protection as effectively as a traditional employee, without having to create a business. In fact, the self-employed often face situations where it is difficult or impossible to access full social security coverage. It is for this reason that wage portage proves to be an ideal solution for freelancers.

When a freelancer decides to use wage portage, he is placed under contract with a portage company, which is responsible for managing all relationships between him and his clients. The contractual relationship between the consultant and the portage company resembles that between an employer and an employee, giving the independent professional the status of an employee, with all its benefits and accompanying rights.

What social protection for the self-employed?

The services offered to the wage portage consultant are the same as those offered to other employees: the right to sickness, to daily allowances in case of illness or accident at work, but also access to some social benefits (complementary health, payment of medical expenses, etc.). Umbrella companies are also required to offer collective insurance with minimum care basket, which includes in particular: health expenses not covered by Social Security, such as specialist doctors’ fees; dental expenses; glasses and contact lenses; coverage for hearing aids or dental prostheses.

The wage portage consultant will also have the same rights as other employees: the right to continuing education and will automatically benefit from the payment of social security contributions such as family allowance, supplementary pension and unemployment insurance. The consultant is covered by his employment contract against any disputes regarding his professional activity.

How can wage portage be a solution to the dysfunctions encountered in RSI?

For a self-employed worker who does not want to create his own business and who has recourse to a self-employed status, the social security system offered by the RSI (Social Regime for Independents) can be difficult to manage. In fact, RSI is known for this malfunctionswhich sometimes drives freelancers to seek other forms of social protection.

Wage portage offers a complete service to the self-employed, and also allows a clear legal framework for their missions as well as a framework that guarantee better protection. So it presents an interesting solution for the self-employed who want to be close to an employee without going through the box of entrepreneurship and all the administrative complexities it implies.

Some additional benefits of wage portage

Portage companies often offer additional insurance to their consultants for better social coverage. These contracts can cover additional expenses not covered by Social Security: maternity, paternity, incapacity for work, etc. In some cases, these contracts may pay higher daily allowances than those offered by Social Security.

Some contracts also cover up to 70% of the consultant’s salary if the latter is on sick leave or has an accident at work. Umbrella companies may also offer civil liability insurance to consultants or insurance against legal and tax protection.

Is the social coverage the same for a French or foreign consultant?

The social cover offered to consultants remains the same regardless of their origin. Portage companies must therefore offer foreign workers the same benefits and guarantees as a French person opting for salaried status. However, it is important to note that any consultant employer in France must have a valid residence permit and comply with the laws and regulations in force in the country where he practices.

Conclusion: Why choose Wage Portage as a way to use your professional activity?

Wage portage offers self-employed workers a effective social protection, which allows organized freelancers to enjoy the same benefits as a traditional employee. Portage companies also have an obligation to offer full collective mutual insurance to their consultants to cover medical expenses and other expenses not covered by Social Security.

Above all, wage portage may be the best compromise for those who want to benefit from social protection without having to create their own business or submit to malfunctions of RSI. It is therefore an interesting solution for self-employed workers looking for a stable and profitable status.


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