Where are the French cars you’ll buy in 2023 made?

Buying a car in 2023 has become a real hurdle: extended delivery times, choice of engine and bodywork, new or recently used… it’s hard to see clearly for many of you, especially on top of the skyrocketing prices in recent years that investment requires more thought. But to these obstacles is sometimes added, among others, the desire to provide work in French.

Buying a French instead of a car made in Asia or Africa and avoiding any kind of dumping is not an easy task. because a good part of French brand cars are not made in France. This is especially true for compact and city cars in the B segment, which are bought the most in France: manufacturers prefer to make them in countries with cheaper production, because they are less profitable model. .

Where are French cars made in 2023?

For a long time French cars were 100% made in France. Renault specifically blew the fuse with the Spanish factory in Palencia in the mid-1970s. Of the three (or even four, if we count Dacia) French brands or French groups, Citroën is the smallest French manufacturer as only the C5 Aircross is assembled within our borders.


Only a Frenchwoman at Citroën, therefore, with a C-segment SUV produced next to the Peugeot 5008. For others, Citroën has moved further, including North Africa where production will be even cheaper than in Europe from the east. The C5 X is straight from China, the exclusive producer of the big sedan.image

The only French Citroën is a wagon: the C5 Aircross© Alex Krassovsky

Model Plant
Modelfriend PlantKenitra (Morocco)
ModelC3 PlantTrnava (Slovakia)
ModelC3 Aircross PlantZaragoza (Spain)
ModelC4 and e-C4 PlantMadrid, Spain)
ModelC4X and e-C4X PlantMadrid, Spain)
ModelC5 Aircross PlantRennes (France)
ModelC5X PlantChengdu (China)


Not surprisingly, there is no French car in Dacia that cannot maintain current prices with an equivalent workforce in a Renault made here. Most models come from Romania except Spring: electric and reasonable, yes, but Chinese!image

The Dacians came from Romania, Africa or China
The Dacians came from Romania, Africa or China© Dacia

Model Plant
Modelspring PlantShiyan (China)
ModelSandero PlantTangier (Morocco)
ModelSandero Stepway PlantPitesti (Romania)
ModelDuster PlantPitesti (Romania)
Modeljogger PlantPitesti (Romania)


With its superior positioning, DS is able to support production costs in France. If the DS 4 went to Germany in Opel, the rest of the range is French, except for the long DS 9, Chinese like Spring.image

DS 9, the only non-European DS
DS 9, the only non-European DS© DS

Model Plant
ModelDS3 PlantPoissy (France)
ModelDS4 PlantRusselheim (Germany)
ModelDS7 PlantMulhouse (France)
ModelDS9 PlantShenzhen (China)


The lion brand is the one with the most manufacturers in France, especially with almost all the C segment assembled here. On the other hand, the lower segments are produced abroad. picture

The Peugeot e-308 will be made in France
The Peugeot e-308 will be made in France© Dr

Model Plant
Model208 PlantKenitra (Morocco) and Trnava (Slovakia)
Modele-208 PlantZaragoza (Spain)
Model2008/e-2008 PlantVigo (Spain)
Model308 Plant Mulhouse (France)
Modele-308 Plant Mulhouse (France)
Model408 Plant Mulhouse (France)
Modele-408 Plant Mulhouse (France)
Model508 Plant Mulhouse (France)
Model3008 PlantSochaux (France)
Model5008 PlantSochaux (France)


Despite the desire to re-industrialize in France with the Mégane E-Tech and, later, the Renault 4 and 5, the diamond brand works for the moment mainly abroad. And it is not the small French flag in Austral that will deceive its world: the latest born was built by the Spanish employees of Palencia, a factory assigned for a long time to the C segment at Renault.

The Renault Austral may have a French flag, but it's made in... Spain
The Renault Austral may have a French flag, but it’s made in… Spain©Renault
Model Plant
ModelTwingo/Twingo ZE PlantNovo Mesto (Slovenia)
ModelZoe PlantFlins (France)
ModelClio PlantBursa (Turkey) and Novo Mesto (Slovenia)
ModelCaptur/Captur E-Tech PlantValladolid (Spain)
ModelMegane E-Tech (EV) PlantDouai (France)
ModelMegan IV PlantPalencia (Spain)
ModelArcana PlantBusan (South Korea)
ModelSouth PlantPalencia (Spain)

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