Victor Wembanyama, close to the stars but so far from the circle?

At the time of the week when the television program is not drowning in French basketball, what could be better than a good improvised thriller between the triple reigning champion and the attraction of the moment? Very cool night at Marcel-Cerdan, with a particular focus on Victor Wembanyama. Decisive but below his offensive standards. Not bad, just a little better than average. And this happens for a month.

One finger on the headset, can you hear me? Madam Minister of Sports Didier has arrived. Yes, put him first. How do you know what he looks like? Well… you can see her pink sweater. Yes with tulips. Yes, that’s all. Hey, who does he want to take a picture of? But no, it’s not “Alabenga” but Wemba… well, let it be. Yeah yeah I got it, I’ll ask him. That works. Yes. Noticed. OK let’s meet.

If the call is Victor Wembanyama “the sport”, so sport brings people together. There are many suits in the lower stand of Marcel Cerdan last night Late returns after intermission, red nose and first button undone, because it was nice to come but we didn’t understand all the rules. A little indulgence. It’s okay to pet the kitten before the Americans offer it a bigger bowl of kibble (kind of a lame metaphor, but you get the idea). We will even be the first to rebuke the scattered stands. Good night in a full enclosure, effective promotion of the French championship, that’s all we remember.

And suddenly the new kids, three words to describe your ” first time “ with Victor Wembanyama? Frustration, liberation and Tremont Waters… It makes sense.

Between an average performance by Victor Wembanyama and a good match by any other player, the line – if there is one – is very fine. Overall, a good game from Victor Wembanyama everyone agrees. No problem with that. A line with 30 points and 11 rebounds, 4 blocks, the first craftsman of the 2nd place of the Metropolitans 92. But when he started to zone below 20 points, the interpretation of his match became difficult. Does not see any direct correlation between the statistical prism and the quality of its encounter. It’s not all about “Oh he only took 16”ints, not enough Victor! ». Basketball will be very simple and it will be enough to open the LNB application (when it works) to change its classics. Well, this is a fact: when Victor finished receiving theand Asvel to 15 points on 4/12 shooting including 0/4 on 3-pointersthat not everything went as desired. He handles a lot of the ball, plays one-on-one with the shovel, in short, his game is very much focused on scoring. But now, since December 6 – after four consecutive games with at least 30 points – Victor is attacking with the handbrake.

Victor Wembanyama’s last 10 league games:

  • November 4 vs Limoges: 33 points on 10/17 shooting
  • November 20 against Nanterre: 30 points on 10/19 shooting
  • November 26 @ Nancy: 30 points on 9/19 shooting
  • December 2 vs Fos sur Mer: 32 points on 12/20 shooting

And poof!

  • December 6 @ Roanne: 15 points on 7/14 shooting including 1/5 from the park
  • December 11 against Monaco: 27 score on 11/20 shooting including 0/5 from the park
  • December 17 @ Paris: 11 points on 4/11 shooting including 1/5 from the park
  • December 23 vs Cholet: 24 points on 8/21 shooting including 4/8 from the park
  • December 26 @ Strasbourg: 26 points on 6/18 shooting including 2/9 from the park
  • January 9 vs Asvel: 15 points on 4/12 shooting including 0/4 on 3-pointers

Three losses for the Mets 92 in December, just one in the first two months of competition. Significant changes in Victor’s game sheets. Opportunity? We don’t think so. His impact on the decision of a match pulls at both ends. If he struggles – or simply withdraws – the Mets 92 will lose against Roanne and Strasbourg. Two teams are not in the Top 8. However, even in a “struggle” like last night, Victor Wembanyama finished with 9 rebounds, 5 blocks, “only” 2 lost balls, 21 rating and +2 Extra discount. He remains important. The derby against Paris Basket was his worst offensive game of the season: 11 points on 4/11 shooting including 1/5 from 3-pointers. Next to ? 6 blocks, 2 interceptions and… +23 from Extra discount. Victor needs to be blindfolded to know what it feels like to be a drag. His presence on the court is – and always will be – beneficial to his teammates. Either by his natural restraint, or by a last graceful gesture, such as this putback dunk throughout the Asvel racket. The nerd who “failed” his homework and still got a 15.

But suddenly, why did it stop attacking?

For a good month, Victor Wembanyama is very far from the circle. Looks a bit like Kristaps Porzingis after his early career injuries. Creating space is shy, fadeaways that follow lack calcium: there is too simple in his one-on-one game. So people with solid support like Aamir Simms, Justin Patton or even Silvio De Sousa were able to keep him in the position. “Yes but TrashTalk, he’s doing what he wants to be, namely almost outside attacker, right? ». Outwardly it will be, but above all versatile. There is no point in ridding yourself of cards under the circle to get rid of areas of discomfort. We like him in the interior battle as open to 3-pointers. It’s hard to properly distribute his game at just 18 years old, but it’s a point that Victor is addressing early in order to arrive NBA-ready (or at least, ready to work). Good and occasionally, still coming in. In a separate action, Yves Pons was the unfortunate witness.

Don’t panic, this blow of not so good is just a small blow of not so good. Better for Victor to discover his points to work with before taking the plunge, than an arm stuck to Nikola Jokic’s sweaty back. And then anyway, he will know the other galleys. Small, large, medium… and even large. That’s how life really is. Inspector Barnaby.

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