Prices of used cars have increased, from €1,500 to €5,000, depending on the model

One year ! This is the deadline announced to customers by car dealers in Eure-et-Loir for the delivery of certain models of new cars. “I have been waiting for my new Renault Twingo for more than six months. He is in another country, still ready,” testified this Eurelian buyer. A time that was unknown until then and which symbolizes the supply difficulties of car manufacturers.

The new car market fell by 6.9% in 2021, in Eure-et-Loir

At the Mercedes dealership in the Chartres conurbation, the lead time is long, according to a seller of the German brand: “Between four and six months for new entry-level and mid-range models, between eight and ten months for a sedan or an SUV.

Manufacturers justify the delay by a great difficulty in obtaining certain materials used in driving aids that are becoming more and more widespread in new cars. And the production lines, which stopped during the health crisis, have not yet made up for the delay in making these parts.

“Everything is so fast”

The Volkswagen dealership in Nogent-le-Phaye is suffering from the same inconveniences as most of its competitors, as explained by Thierry Noblet, sales representative for the second-hand segment: “Delays in the delivery of new vehicle has had a negative impact on opportunity. Many customers no longer sell their used cars to switch to a new one because the time to receive it is too long. »

According to him, the price of “small” occasions, such as Polo, has increased by €1,500 to €2,000 since the Covid crisis. According to him, the budget for used cars with low mileage today is around 20,000 to 25,000 €.

The Volkswagen specialist pointed out: “Everything is going so fast, we need to quickly replenish our second-hand fleet of around fifty-five cars. »

A Citroën C3 is from 15,000 to 18-19,000 €

Laurent Teilleux, used car manager at the BMW Mini dealership in Nogent-le-Phaye, estimates his average budget for a used car at €30,000. “The massive displacement, heavily malussed, like the X5 SUVs, go quickly. They are highly sought after. The prices offered between professionals are not in line with the market. »

Also at home, the average budget has increased significantly in 2022. The same refrain from the mouth of François Sevestre, director of the Ford dealership in Lucé and Dreux: “In one year, second-hand prices have really increased, from about 15 to 20% more. He illustrated this increase by taking the example of small second-hand city cars: “When they were new, they were a bit neglected in recent years, so the it is highly sought after as second-hand cars. It usually takes at least €10,000 to access a nice little opportunity without too many kilometers. »

90 day cycle

Arnaud Delabarre, director of the Opel, Citroën and DS dealerships in Fontenay-sur-Eure and Dreux, describes: “A recent classic Citroën C3, which cost €15,000 three years ago, is now selling at between €18,000 and €19,000. . We have a lead time of thirty days because we replace parts that are 50% worn out. »

In these concessions, the cycle of opportunities is 90 days, on average, for general brands is 130 days for the premium segment. “I don’t sell any car with more than 100,000 km. I don’t want any dispute after the sale. The client expects seriousness, satisfaction and reliability from me. This allows me to keep him. »

Marine Gennaro, from the Nissan dealership in Luisant, drives the point home: “€18,000, on average, for a Juke with less than 20,000 km, and €21,000 for a Qashqai. I try to keep the average that price increase to €1,000 a year, but it is really strict. “At Renault Chartres, within the Lamirault Schumacher group, another illustration of this inflexible price increase: “We buy recent cars that we sell at the price of new at that time. »

Thierry Delaunay

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