Brussels Motor Show 2023 – The Volkswagen ID. Buzz: for the cool dad!

How not to blow up in front of the happy face and the typical profile of the very first ID Combi. Buzz? With its wheels on all four corners and its reasonable length of 4.71 meters, the new VW minivan offers both good interior space and excellent maneuverability in town, with a turning circle of only 11.1 m.

Inside, we’re a far cry from the rustic aspect of utilities of yesteryear: the ID. The Buzz offers a sleek dashboard with a luxurious look, original black or matching bodywork colors for an extra charge. The cleaning controls are however too extensive as it is necessary to go through the central screen to adjust the air conditioning. If the mulltimemedia system is quite advanced, its ergonomics require some practice. Furthermore, the instrumentation screen, common to all IDs, looks too simple.

The passenger compartment is very bright thanks to the richly glazed surfaces, especially with the optional light colors. On the other hand, the ergonomics are not unified, and the instrumentation screen is intended to be simple.

On the back, the ID. The Buzz facilitates access with large sliding doors and offers both good space, aviation shelves and storage on the sides. Unfortunately, the middle seat is less comfortable than the sides. Some will also regret not being able to slide the bench seat forward to increase loading volume. That said, the luggage of a family of five will have enough space as the German already offers 1121 liters. Who would have thought, when the ID. Buzz puts his powertrain in the back? Note that the extended version with seven seats is already planned for 2023-2024.

Brussels Motor Show 2023 - The Volkswagen ID.  Buzz: for the cool dad!
Brussels Motor Show 2023 - The Volkswagen ID.  Buzz: for the cool dad!

Not only is the legroom generous, but so is the ID. Buzz offers aviation shelves and plenty of storage. Unfortunately, there is no sliding bench seat, but the trunk is large and easy to load with a low threshold and flat walls.

Like the ID.3 and ID.4 with which it shares its platform, the ID. The Buzz is powered by a 204 hp electric motor located at the rear (propulsion, therefore …), powered by a 77 kWh battery that should provide 416 km at once. In reality, our first tests revealed a range of 350 km on the road, 250 on the main roads. For cool ex-babas who want to make a pilgrimage to Kathmandu, it can be a bit crowded, especially since you rarely recharge more than 80% at direct current fast terminals (charging power drops more than that). In this regard, the ID.Buzz is able to connect with a current of 170 kW, meaning that it takes less than 30 minutes to reach this threshold…

Brussels Motor Show 2023 - The Volkswagen ID.  Buzz: for the cool dad!

All that remains is to accept the prices of this neo-retro traveler: €54,990 minimum, plus a bonus of €2,000. Dear, you will agree. And if you want to add two-tone paint, count 1790 €, hands-free access and electric rear doors: 1930 €. The two-tone interior with customizable color ambient lighting: €1,100. You skip all other options that return an ID. The buzz is better…

The Brussels Motor Show celebrated its 100th anniversary with a bang

The shows in Paris, Geneva and Frankfurt were for decades the most important shows in Europe, if not in the world.

Frankfurt was replaced by Munich, Geneva by Doha, now only the Paris World Cup remains in these tenors, its final version in 2022 is quite dull.

And the previously “small” Brussels fair can become great by offering a very ambitious 2023 edition: more than 50 brands are represented and important new products are revealed there. Caradisiac lets you discover this beautiful show in Brussels from the inside.

Useful information

where: exhibition, pl. de Belgique 1, 1020 Brussels,

when ? From Saturday 14 to Sunday 22 January 2023 (press day on Friday 13)

What time? Open to the public: from Saturday January 14 to Sunday January 22 – Opening hours: from 10 am to 7 pm – Last opening until 10 pm: Monday January 16 and Friday January 20

Ticket office: Autosalon | Askoto

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