Fall 2022 weather report

The temperature is still high

Continuing from this year 2022, November in France remained mild, especially in the first two weeks. Frosts are very rare and the thermometer again exceeds 25 degrees at the beginning of the month in Corsica, close to the Mediterranean and at the foot of the Pyrenees.

The national monthly average temperature therefore reached 10.9 degrees for the normal 9.0 degrees, an excess of 1.9 degrees. This is the fourth month of mildest November since 1946, behind 2015 (11.1 degrees), 2014 (11.2 degrees) and 1994 (11.5 degrees), relative to 2011.

The minimum for the month at low altitude was reached at Guéret with -2.9 degrees on the 20th. The highest national maximum reached 26.2 degrees in Saint-Chamas (13), Samadet (40), Ajaccio-Milelli (Corsica) and Three-Cities (64).

National average temperature in France in November. (© WeatherNews)

During the three months of autumn, the national average temperature was 15.27 degrees, the second warmest autumn behind 2006 (15.37 degrees). The excess reached 2 degrees all round, mainly due to a record warm October month, 3.3 degrees too warm compared to the 1991-2020 normal.

During the first eleven months of the year, 2022 sets a record heat with an average of 14.85 degrees, topping 14.35 degrees for the same period in 2020. It will take a December to equal its coldest record (1.1 degrees in 1950) for 2022 to not break the record for annual warmth of 2020 (13.74 degrees), which is highly unlikely…

Rain in November

November had relatively frequent and large disturbances, especially in the west and north of the country with a significant accumulation of rain (182 mm in Abbeville, 248 mm in Brest, etc.), while the central regions, east and Mediterranean rim has experienced more. seasonal or even deficit rainfall.

With a national average total of 103 mm for a par of 87 mm, November exceeded its par by 18%. That it’s raining is welcome after repeated droughts since August 2021, although not enough to honestly improve the situation

In Socoa, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the heaviest rainfall was recorded: 371 mm in the month, almost double the normal (208 mm). And it is at Cap Béar, on the other side of the Pyrenees in the Pyrénées-Orientales, that it rains the least: only 4 mm.

The snow remained relatively mild despite several episodes in the massifs.

During the three autumn months, the national average fell by about 233 mm of rain for the normal… 233 mm. It’s hard to do more with nails! The deficit in October was made up for by a relatively watered September and November.

During the January-November period, 2022 is content with 533 mm of rain on the national average. We have to go back to 2011 to find a figure at least as low (531 mm). And since 1946, only four years have produced less than 2022: 2011 (531 mm), 1989 (record with 483 mm), 1953 (532 mm) and 1949 (527 mm).

Good sunlight

Despite the somewhat unsettled weather, November’s sunshine is on track with some spells of high pressure and subsequent skies allowing for good clearings. France benefited from a national average of 98 hours of Sun for normal 89 hours (+ 10% compared to normal).

Dijon is the city that sees the fewest days in the month with only 52 hours of presence. Marseille-Marignane benefited the most at 166 hours. The figure is also a bit too much, brought back to the season with 433 hours of sunshine to the normal 419 hours (+ 3%).

In the current year, the duration of sunshine reached 2,200 hours in eleven months, the third highest sunshine since 1946, behind only 1959 (2,220 hours) and 1949 (2,243 hours). The annual record (2,309 hours in 1949) may be beaten on December 31, although things have been bad in the beginning with a lot of darkness lately.

A very mild November, like autumn, the second warmest, and the current year on record. Somewhat rainy, sharp with a drought that lasts more than a year, a little sunny in a year with records. December will decide the final position of the year 2022 in the thermometer and sun side.

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