10 novelties not to be missed in 2023

Jeep Avenger 1st Edition

Jeep Avengers

In pure Jeep styling, theavenger should quickly find its place in the range. This is a key element in reducing the brand’s CO2 emissions, as it will be 100% electric only. The Avenger has a Peugeot e-208 GT engine, the 156 hp block, associated with a 50 kW electric battery. But since it is based on a multi-energy platform like the Peugeot 2008, the Avenger can also be powered by a 3-cylinder petrol: this will be the case in some European markets such as Italy. For France, nothing has been announced in this sense…

Mini Aceman concept
Mini Aceman concept

Mini Aceman

The concept car presented this year should be very close to the new urban crossover from Mini. This unprecedented Aceman will allow the brand’s customers to access a crossover in a 4 m gauge. And there is no question of wanting to offer it on fuel: this new model will be exclusively electric. So we can count on a Mini Aceman Cooper SE of 184 hp, with a 50 kW battery.

Mini Hatch 2023

Mini Hatch

The new generation of Mini also arrives in 2023: it will share many elements with the new Aceman. And for the first time, the new Mini will be made not in England, but in China. It will be done in collaboration with Great Wall Motors, and the new one Ora Funky Cat therefore would be its technical cousin.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2023
Volkswagen Tiguan 2023

Volkswagen Tiguan 3

Throughout the development of the ID electric range, Volkswagen has not forgotten to provide a follow-up to its thermal bestsellers. The Tiguan will therefore benefit from a new generation, which will remain thermally faithful with petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid units. For a 100% electric Tiguan, it will probably have to wait for the next generation!

The new Tiguan can also count on a renewed design, and the latest on-board technology with an easier interface than the one currently implemented in Golf 8.

The competition will not be soft: Peugeot will renew it 3008 from 2024!

Volvo EX90

Volvo EX90

The replacement for the XC90 is electric. This is new Volvo EX90 was announced as the electric flagship of the Swedish brand, with two electric motors with a combined power of 408 hp. With a generous 111 kW battery, the range will be high: at least 600 km in the combined cycle. A 517 hp Performance version will also be available later. For those who want more, it’s to the Polestar side they need to turn.

Volkswagen's new electric concept car
Volkswagen’s new electric concept car

Volkswagen ID.7

This Passat equivalent is scheduled for this year. The new Volkswagen ID.7 will set the range of electric VWs from above.

Its streamlined silhouette and its aerodynamics will allow to reduce its consumption compared to an SUV like the ID.5. Initially, the 77 kW battery should allow it to show 600 km of autonomy. But this huge electric road that is almost 5 meters long can also receive a battery of more than 100 kW in the second stage. It will also increase the price…

Dacia Duster 3

Best seller in the world for Dacia but also for Renault, which distributes the model under its coat of arms, the Duster will be renewed in 2023. This time it will be based on the platform of jogger and Sandero, shared with the Renault Clio 5. This generation of Duster will do away with diesel, and will retain its ECO-G engine that runs on LPG at the entry level. The 140 hp hybrid engine launched this year in the Jogger is also available, just above a gasoline engine with micro-hybridization.

The Duster’s styling is undergoing a revolution, with a completely revisited design, in the spirit of the Bigster concept shown above.

The only downside to the program: constantly increasing prices for Dacia. The last limited edition Duster has already exceeded 26,000 euros!

The new Citroën C3 has been marketed in India
The new Citroën C3 has been marketed in India

Citroën C3

The new generation of Citroën C3 coming this year 2023, with many changes. First of all, its styling should be inspired by the recent OLI demonstrator presented at the Paris Motor Show. On the front, the new logo will be included, unlike the C3 launched in India this year. Double-stage optical blocks will be connected by an LED element, which will change the appearance of this city car. It will retain the principle of the pavilion in a different color than the body, and the famous Airbumps that have been redesigned.

This city car will finally abandon the diesel, and keep the 3-cylinder Puretech 1.2 but with micro-hybridization. The big change is the arrival of an electric version, positioned at attractive prices thanks to reduced power around 82 hp, and a reasonable 40 kW battery.

New Peugeot 408
New Peugeot 408

Peugeot 408

Presented to the press this fall, the Peugeot 408 Coming to dealerships in January 2023. This crossover between crossovers and 4-door coupes can cannibalize the interior of the 508 and 3008!

The newcomer is offered in gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid. A 100% electric version is planned, but not before 2024. Prices are logically consistent to afford the relatively fastback silhouette, which will make it possible to stand up in traffic.

The Centoventi concept undoubtedly foreshadows the future electric Panda
The Centoventi concept undoubtedly foreshadows the future electric Panda

Electric Fiat Panda

By joining the Stellantis group, Fiat will benefit from a new dynamic. Among the novelties announced, a new generation of fiat-panda, which will be offered exclusively in 100% electric. There will be economies of scale, as the Italian city car will share its underbody and its electric motorization with the new ë-C3. With a 40 kW battery smaller than an e-208, and a small 82 hp electric motor, this will be Fiat’s entry-level electric car. Expected prices should be around 21,000 euros.

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