Why hire a freelance community manager in 2023?

Facing the situation of the financial crisis that we have been going through for several years, with the health crisis that has been grafted for 2 years, it seems appropriate that don’t invest in a full-time community manager.

Therefore, the solution is to call a freelance community managerfor several reasons that we will discuss below.

Freelance community manager vs. paid community manager

To become Community Manager usually have to go through a CM training to have frames, and then practice a lot gain experience. As you decide become a freelance CM or working full-time for a company or a brand, the basics of community management will be the same.

Over the months and years the gap between these 2 orientations will widen, and we will discover that the freelance CM will have more skills and experience than a paid CM. This is a generalization, but there are some exceptions, especially for community managers who work in agencies. The latter work on separate missions due to multiple clients, but agencies therefore hire more qualified CMs.

The Community management what is done in an agency is therefore richer due to multiple missions on a case-by-case basis. It is also a very good school for a community manager who has just finished training.

The missions of the paid community manager

The community manager roles are many and varied, but when a CM works in a company, he does not have to take many actions. It depends on the size of the structure as well as the needs and expectations.

Within a large group, for example, a community manager will often have the primary task of distributing content delivered upstream to social networks, andengage with your community. In a smaller company he would have more latitude and be able to not only create content, but also work social media strategy to establish.

The missions of the paid community manager

So the community manager in the post, works more for an entity, except within the framework of an agency that has many customers as raised before.

The missions of the freelance community manager

The freelance community manager will have experience over the years and will be able to respond to many requests from different clients. This is a big advantage because the freelance community manager is not confined to a single task or some repeated missions.

If the rule is repeated, it still varies by customer and company due to many sectors.

A freelance community manager adapts to different sectors, different issues and thus accumulates this experience that companies expect.

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages to remember from the freelancer, because he works on several projects that will never be the same, with different clients and many obstacles or problems.

Hiring a freelance community manager in 2023: what are the benefits?

Let’s make a list of various benefits of hire a freelance community manager for a company or any professional entity:

Budget control

If you call at services of a freelance community manager you will control your budgets; procurement, online communication actions, costs inherent in actions, etc. You’ll know exactly where you’re going, while planning your expenses with the independent CM you’ve hired. You will need to prove an estimate relative to your expectations and thus you project according to the expected goals.

A controlled trial period before hiring

used tohire a community manager, and since you may not really know the job, there is nothing stopping you from hiring the services of a freelancer. You will be able to challenge him with goals, after learning about his role and what he can bring to you.

A controlled trial period before hiring

In addition, you can check it for a long time to be completely confident about the profession of the community manager and then proceed with the hiring. Don’t hesitate to ask freelance CM for advice, there’s no reason why he can’t help you choose the good community manager what you need.

Work on ad hoc assignments

If you have a one-time community management mission, it’s interesting to call an independent community manager. In addition, you will see how it works and thus repeat the experience for future actions. There is no need to hire a community manager if your actions are not repeated and if you do not have a strong presence on social networks.

Support or replace the current community manager

Faced with increased employment or unemployment, it is also possible to use the services of a freelance community manager. The CM can take over if your employee is on leave or absent for any other reason.

Support an existing community manager

As if you are facing increased work within the framework of operations that require reinforcements, it is more advisable to use a freelance CM.

Call a freelance community manager for his strategy

A salaried or newly certified community manager from the CM course does not necessarily have the skills or attributes to develop a social media strategy. If it is more work of social media manageryou should still know that a freelance community manager is primarily an expert in strategy creation.

He must respond to the requests of his clients and understand the problems encountered in order to implement his plan of action. The amount of clients encountered over the years gives him a broader and more refined perspective in choosing channels and content to produce. Thus, a freelance CM can support a CM already in post and brief him to deploy the strategy in social networks.

Hire a freelance community manager expert

Some freelance community managers may specialize in a specific area; by desire, by strategic choice, coherence etc. This can be expertise related to a sector or expertise in a specific mission or role.

You may need a freelance community manager and SEO writer at the same time or from a profile which is social ad expert For example. There are many freelancers who also specialize in specific social networks such as TikTok, LinkedIn or Instagram. Beyond that, it can also be a question of a freelancer with great creativity or the ability to edit video.

Work remotely with a freelance CM who works remotely

If you have a small place or if you don’t need meet your freelance community managerexcept for the video, you can stick to telework.

The community manager works remotely

A freelance community manager is not required to work on the site if he has all the elements and tools. The advantage is that it allows you to use a geolocated profile anywhere in France.

However, plan to make a video and/or phone contact for social media reports to comment and possibly a first physical meeting to build trust and secure introductions.


You can easily understand, hire a freelance community manager in 2023 will only offer you advantages, in addition to a better understanding of the profession and being able to work on specific missions.

In addition, if you have the idea of ​​hiring, you can also ask a freelance CM on a long mission by offering him a deal. It happens that some freelancers want to return to work for various reasons.

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