At the helm, Didier Raoult’s daughter recounts the “gratuitous hatred” of the “IHU sheriff” on Twitter

“It’s a misery to live like that, this kind of gratuitous hatred that has no basis. It is relentlessness for relentlessness. We ended up in a delirium, a kind of IHU sheriff. No, it’s not funny. No, it doesn’t make me laugh. “In the leadership of the Marseille Criminal Court, Magali Carcopino-Tusoli contains her anger, together with her husband. Both doctors with Public Assistance of Marseille Hospitals (AP-HM). Behind them, Eric Chabrière stares at them. The biochemist is known as a close associate of his father, Didier Raoult, when the latter was in charge of the IHU. This Friday morning, the professor appeared in court, accused by the Carcopino-Tusoli couple of being the author of defamatory and offensive tweets, through an anonymous account called Professional.

“Magali, the ugly duckling of the family unmask, can we read in one of his messages. In a family of bright oaks, there are bound to be acorns. “A wave of tweets from this same account claiming that Eric Chabrière, which came after Magali Carcopino-Tusoli took a stand against hydroxychloroquine and for vaccination against the coronavirus, against the opinions of her father if with whom he is cold.

“Do my tires have holes? »

“It is a very difficult time, Magali Carcopino-Tusoli continues. For several years Mr. Chabrière has insulted us directly, and this Twitter account. “And to confirm:” We tried to broadcast my personal address. I live with a pain in my heart every morning. Shall my tires be punctured? Shall we tear the plaque off my cabinet? We live like that, in this environment, and M. Chabrière has stirred it up. What I want is for us to stop this atmosphere. »

“These tweets are very difficult for my wife, for my children and myself, the amount of Xavier Carcopino-Tusoli. In the medical community, I have dozens of colleagues who have been harassed in the same way of the same account. I don’t want the politics of fear to prevail. Me, I’m not afraid. It’s my responsibility not to let things like that pass, too seriously. It’s my responsibility that people stop hiding behind fake accounts. »

“I’m going there to shed light on IHU”

Tweets in which Eric Chabrière denied being the author, claiming he was the victim of an identity theft that would have landed him in prison. “Unfortunately the fate of many people, the biochemist launched, clinging to the bar, arms outstretched. I see many politicians being laughed at. Yes, I am active on Twitter. IHU was attacked, harassed, defamed. I understood that not it’s at a scientific level that we can answer. That’s why I came to Twitter. To correct the assertions, the denigrations that we have. I’m going there to shine a light on IHU. It’s a media that has an audience, that listens of politicians. »

The information is difficult to verify in the context of a direct quote, especially since Twitter refuses to disclose the real identities of its users. “Disturbing trace: every time there is a tweet from Chabrière, there is a simultaneous tweet from the Professional! », Reminds the lawyer for the Carcopino-Tusoli couple, Me Philippe Carlini. Facts that in any way constitute proof, according to Eric Chabrière’s lawyer. For Akin Ludovic Heringuez, the basis of this complaint is an orchestrated plot against his client. “My client said to himself, Ms. was clearly instrumental. Carcopino,” he says. We know Monsieur Crémieux’s dislike [le directeur de l’AP-HM] for Mr. Raoult. »

Family Account Settlement

“I find myself in an uncomfortable situation because, behind it, whether we like it or not, there is a family story, many Eric Chabrière. I would rather not see myself in the stories of family that I’m not worried about. I’m hurting for my old boss whom I respected. »

“My client is being harassed in the course of his duties, answered Me Philippe Carlini. He did not present himself as Professor Raoult’s son, and it was certainly not a settlement of family accounts. He only expressed his opinion as a doctor, as many others do. He did it openly and not anonymously. He just said what he thought. »

Meant on March 10

And to regret: “But she has the right to special treatment. She was attacked in her integrity as a woman, as a wife, as a mother, in the worst possible way. Her husband was dragged through the mud for the stated desire that they were divorced. All this was not without consequences for the children. But the couple continued, despite this media hype maintained by the defenders of the IHU. »

In front of him, Magali Carcopino-Tusoli’s eyes misted. His hand was encased in his wife’s. “Mr. Chabrière claims to defend a just cause, accuses Me Carlini. But in fact, he was defending his ego, above all else. He pretends to be the protector of IHU, when he has done so much harm to it. Along with several others, they succeeded in ridiculing one of France’s greatest prides, to the point of justifying criminal complaints on subjects as serious as experimental fraud, harassment and deviant medical practices. The communication is deplorable and the verbal and written violence of the brave anonymous supposed defenders of the institution destroys the weight of the scientific word. Maybe more serious in this story. Me Carlini is asking for 10,000 euros each in damages, while the defense is asking for freedom. The judgment will be delivered on March 10.

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