Adelboden. Three questions to ask yourself before the “Chuenisbärgli” events.

On the dawn of a sports weekend in the Bernese Oberland, John Nicolet, RTS journalist and alpine skiing specialist, answered questions from blue News.

Will the Adelboden races take place? Impossible to answer at this moment.


What will the race condition be?

For several days, many photos of the mythical final wall of “Chuenisbärgli” have been circulating on social networks. You can see that the snow is disappearing. However, the International Ski Federation (FIS) confirmed the events in Adelboden in December. For John Nicolet, the organizers and the FIS will do everything to ensure that the races take place. According to him, “a lot is at stake. The calendar, because there are few options to make up for races that don’t happen. There are financial issues, we already know that Saturday, the Adelboden giant is sold out, there are no more tickets to be sold. That is why they will really try to do everything so that it takes place in the best possible conditions.

The organizers and the FIS will make every effort to hold the races»

John Nicolet

RTS commentator

For those who have commented on alpine skiing for some time, there is also certain knowledge of Adelboden: “Over the years, even if the weather is not good because it is not the first year where we find ourselves with high temperature and with a lack of snow, they are always able to offer quality racing conditions for athletes and have the most regular races possible.

If the top of the route does not seem to be a problem as the RTS journalist confirmed, “the whole top is quite good, even very good”, the last wall is a problem. John Nicolet explained: “Because it’s so hot, the ground is hot, the snow has a hard time sticking to this last wall which is so steep.” Despite these special conditions and if the races take place, the show should be there, as it was this week in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. According to Fribourgeois, “despite the first round where from bib 15 it was complicated for the runners, we still managed to have an interesting race with a great second round where there was suspense”.

Can we be optimistic for the Swiss slalomers?

On Wednesday, during the Garmisch-Partenkirchen slalom, which took place in conditions similar to those planned for this weekend, three Swiss placed in the top 10 (Yule, Rochat and Meillard). A good sign for this weekend? For John Nicolet, we must not forget that “in the past, Adelboden slalom in Switzerland was not always smiling. For several years, with this team growing in strength, this is always the race where the results are the most delicate. Finally, Daniel Yule won in 2020, but before that, we have to go back to 2007 and the victory of Marc Berthod to find a Swiss on the Adelboden slalom podium. Also, Henrik Kristoffersen is currently the skier to beat when it comes to slalom.

However, according to Fribourgeois, “we can be optimistic, because the team is working well, between Yule, Meillard, Rochat and Zenhäusern who will return to a good level, he who had many problems last year in the season . with a shoulder injury. The Swiss will be the main player in this slalom along with the Norwegians, the Austrians and Clément Noël. If the Swiss is fighting for podiums and victories in every race, we must not forget this weekend , they play at home. “Some handle the pressure better than others,” said John Nicolet. “I don’t have a problem with Daniel Yule, at the moment he’s the best. For others, it might not be the same .You can be optimistic about this group, but you also have to be careful.Don’t sell the bear skin before it is killed.

Who can deprive Marco Odermatt of a 4th giant victory?

“Himself”, John Nicolet answered simply. According to him, “it is complete. It’s the confidence, it’s the equipment, it’s his skiing technique in general that really makes him a cut above everyone else in the giants. If he doesn’t have a hitch, I think he’s unbeatable.” This season, four giant slaloms took place, Nidwalden won three of them. He only lost during the first giant of Alta Badia where he got 3rd place behind Norwegians Henrik Kristoffersen (2nd) and Lucas Braathen (1st).Note that the day before this race, he took part in the descent of Val Gardena.

With a record four podiums at the most giants, Marco Odermatt is hard to beat. If he admits that Kristoffersen can be a threat, the RTS commentator admits: “Honestly, I don’t see anyone who can hook him. Also, he won last year, what a relief. He put a lot of pressure on himself to win at home, in front of his home. He knows the public is waiting for it. Now that he has done it, I think it will be easier this year. He chained the races, he had a very busy program in December. Bormio is still there working hard, but he has a few days to breathe. Suddenly, he will return to Adelboden fresh and in his favorite discipline. I think he will be really unbeatable.”

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