what price for your favorite models in 2023?

For some of the French, the ecological bonus increases this new year 2023. For others, it is lower. Breaking it down, how much will your favorite models cost in 2022?

A little reminder for those who don’t know it yet, the ecological bonus is changing for the new year. And there is both good and bad. Let’s get the negative out of the way. First, only 100% electric vehicles whose price is below €47,000 can still benefit from aid from the State. So it’s over for models priced between €47,000 and €60,000. But also for plug-in hybrids. Another thing, French people whose reference income per unit is greater than €14,089 must now count on a bonus of €5,000, €1,000 less than in 2022. The good news, then there is one, is that the least well-off households (those with an RFR/unit below €14,089) for their part can count €1,000 more in 2023, €7,000 in total, within the limit that 27% of acquisition cost plus VAT, as usual. And according to public authorities, it still concerns 50% of the population. But, by the way, what does it look like if we subtract the 2023 bonus from the 10 models you liked in 2022. Below is the answer!

No. 1 – Peugeot e-208: from €27,800

Minus the bonus, it will cost you €27,800 to offer you the French’s favorite electric car in 2022. Count €29,800 towards the €5,000 bonus (see below). In both cases, you will agree, there is always a certain small amount to pay. However, at this price, the city car is nothing like the cheap 208 with, as standard, auto air conditioning, 4 electric windows, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto or even a leather steering wheel, foamed plastic and large 16″ wheel cover for presentation. .

  • Price with ecological bonus of €5,000: €29,800

No. 2 – Dacia Spring: from €15,184

The Dacia Spring remains the most accessible electric car on the market in 2023, but by a bit (we’ll get back to it). And above all, its price does not change in 2023. This is because, while the catalog price remains at €20,800, its bonus is still limited to €5,616, as it was in 2022. In fact, The less well-off The French will not really benefit from the benefits of the €7,000 bonus, at least in this model. Because they will earn only €616 compared to the French whose RFR/part is greater at €14,089…

  • Price with ecological bonus of €5,000: €15,800

No. 3 – Tesla Model 3: from €53,490

Since its call price is now so high at €47,000, the Tesla Model 3 won’t be able to claim any bonus in 2023. It shouldn’t help the car’s business that sales are going either way, very quickly. which decreased in 2022 (- 31.7%!). At the same time, within a year, its base rate reached around €10,000…

N°4 – Renault Mégane E-Tech 100% electric: from €30,000

In its basic configuration with a 130 hp engine and a 40 kWh battery, the zero-emission Mégane costs exactly €37,000. The bonus is subtracted, so this is a round count we get. €30,000 with a €7,000 bonus and €32,000 with a €5,000 bonus. And for the 220hp model with the 60kWh battery, the Mégane is back, minus the bonus, it’s around €35,000 or €37,000, depending on how much you expect. That’s right, but the French compact now has a competitor facing it, the MG4 is shown in its entry-level version with a 170 hp engine and a 51 kWh battery from €29,990… bonus not deducted ! As you understood, the Chinese costs only €22,990 with a €7,000 discount or €24,990 with a €5,000 bonus. Or less than an electric Fiat 500.

  • Price with ecological bonus of €5,000: €32,000

No. 5 – Fiat 500: from €23,400

Since we are talking about the wolf, the pot of Italian yogurt remains, despite its status, quite accessible when the bonus is deducted. But, there is a but. This is the base model with a 95 hp motor and a 24 kWh battery. For the higher model that develops 118 hp (it’s not really more) and has a 37 kWh battery (it’s more comfortable), count 26,900 € with a bonus of 7,000 € and 28,900 € if you receive a salary which is higher than 50% of the French .

  • Price with ecological bonus of €5,000: €25,400

N°6 – Renault Twingo E-Tech 100% electric: from €15,432.5

This is the model that will benefit the most from the 2023 scale. Shown from the €25,250 list price, the venerable Twingo has previously benefited from a bonus of €6,000. So, even though it won’t make up €7,000 of its total in 2023 (this is more than 27% of the price including vehicle tax), its price has now dropped by €6,817.5 to settle at €15,432. .5 € . As a result, he becomes dangerously close to his Romanian cousin. Equipped with a smaller battery (22 kWh against 26.8 kWh for the Spring) but more powerful (82 hp against 44 hp for the Romanian), the Twingo wants to be – despite its age – more modern, more chic , more polished and more versatile than the Dacia, although less livable. In addition, it is a safe bet that it is possible to hope for a small additional discount, certainly given his age. To meditate seriously!

  • Price with ecological bonus of €5,000: €20,250

N°7 – Renault Zoé E-Tech 100% electric: from €28,100

It may be out of its infancy, like the Twingo, but the Zoé doesn’t sell. Proof, minus the bonus, it costs more than the e-208. This probably explains why the e-208 is far ahead in terms of sales. However, we can definitely hope for a small discount from the dealers as it is at the very end of its life.

  • Price with ecological bonus of €5,000: €30,100

No. 8 – Tesla Model Y: from €49,990

Larger, the Tesla Model Y still starts lower than the Model 3 from which it is derived. Maybe that explains why it works so well. However, like the sedan, the year 2023 does not look lucky as it has not benefited from any reduction since January 1. This only concerns the single rear-wheel-drive variant which costs €47,990, after which minus the €2,000 bonus.

N°9 – Peugeot e-2008: from €33,950

In this category, the Peugeot e-2008 is the car you want in 2022. However, the numbers aren’t necessarily in its favor. For example, despite its smaller battery (39 kWh against 50 kWh for the Sochaux), the autonomy of the Hyundai Kona Electric (mentioned below) is not really lower: 305 km for the Korean compared to 345 km. However, its price starts lower. Like what !

  • Price with ecological bonus of €5,000: €35,950

No. 10 – Hyundai Kona Electric: from €29,900

But, in the genre, the Kona isn’t doing too bad either because it ended up with the 10th best electric sale in 2022. At the same time, its other version with a 204 hp engine and 64 kWh battery provided for the 484 km of autonomy in the combined cycle always offers an attractive price/autonomy ratio. In 2023, it will be even more: count a minimum of €34,700 with a bonus of €7,000. And since the Asian manufacturer recently announced the second generation of its urban SUV, there is also the possibility of hoping for a lower price by negotiating a little.

  • Price with ecological bonus of €5,000: €31,900

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