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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Working independently while benefiting from the protection of a permanent contract, this is what wage portage allows at the Régie Portage. On a human level, the company is close to its employees and constantly adapts to market changes.

Advantages and disadvantages of wage portage

Wage portage was born in the 1980s. A former “portage” convinced of this type of work that combines the positive points of freelancing and paid work, Frédéric Mauriange decided to establish Régie Portage in 2016 to support the self-employed. The advantages and disadvantages of porting are as follows:

– Employee status in a permanent contract,

– Social protection of the employee and freedom of the freelancer,

– Getting status within 24 hours,

– No administration to manage,

– Enhanced security (unemployment, retirement, digital safe).

Why choose wage portage?

This solution has many advantages. Security consultants benefit thanks to employee status. They also benefit from social protection and contribute to unemployment insurance and pensions. The steps are simple and can be done within 24 hours thanks to the simplification of the procedure and administration. In the same way, it is possible to exit the status easily and quickly thanks to the great flexibility.

Régie Portage has obtained the Zero Hidden Costs label awarded by FEDEP’S (association of wage portage employees) following an independent audit. A reward that confirms the transparency of the company regarding its employees and also confirms the rigor of the accounts. As proof, Régie Portage makes available to employees who wish to do so, strict bank accounts every month, as well as a digital safe to protect their resources and data.

Wage portage makes it possible to choose its customers and negotiate its rates in the absence of a hierarchical link to the portage company. Régie Portage offers personalized support by company teams, the possibility of training and legal advice if necessary. Finally, consultants can benefit from a framework mutual fund (100% employer), gift vouchers, restaurant vouchers, culture and CESU vouchers, as well as a PEE (company savings plan) and a PERCO (savings plan collective) pension).

Operating diagram of wage portage
Diagram of how wage portage works © Régie Portage

Some disadvantages may make consultants hesitate

Wages should be considered in the medium or long term. In the short term, in fact, the cost of the associated social protection and the carrying cost may make the operation unattractive for the worker.

Also note certain eligibility conditions:

– A minimum salary of €2,517.13 gross monthly (ie charging €250 per day or €35 per hour),

– Certain professions are automatically excluded, such as regulated professions (lawyers, chartered accountants, notaries, doctors, etc.), as well as personal services and negotiation professions,

– Finally, to receive a salary, you must find your own missions and ensure repetition.

The salary simulation tool

To estimate their income and the fair rate to charge their clients, independent consultants can use the monthly income simulator offered by Régie Portage. It takes into account the average daily rate (ADR), the duration of the assignment, the labor costs and the desired benefits in a given period. This allows you to be ahead and therefore better negotiate your missions. Free and without prior registration, the salary simulation tool also makes it possible to get the salary after tax.

Regarding the duration of the mission, Régie Portage specified that the simulator is based on 18 days of work per month on average, in accordance with article 27 of the collective wage portage agreement.

After the simulation, the consultant will receive a summary in three parts that summarizes the quick presentation of Régie Portage, provides a detailed view of the calculation results and provides answers to the most common questions on wage portage.

Régie Portage: a company at the human level

With twelve employees and nearly 230 supported employees, Régie Portage is a human-level company that strives to stay close to the consultants it supports. To do this, it promises dedicated and tailored follow-up.

When it was created, the company focused on construction, engineering and IT professions. Due to the changes taking place in the job market and the expectations of the self-employed, the company is eager to adapt to meet new professions such as data and marketing consultants, for example.

Régie Portage was awarded the title of company growth champion in 2022, confirming the exceptional growth during the period 2017 to 2020. It should be awarded the same reward again in 2023.

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