Volkswagen offers a first look at the ID.7, its new electric sedan

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Having become a meeting place for car manufacturers, CES hosts a new world premiere in 2023. The American technology show located in Las Vegas is actually hosted by Volkswagen, which takes advantage of the event to offer of the first glimpse of the Volkswagen ID. 7.

Still hidden under a heavy – but very graphic – camouflage, the car is based on the MEB modular electrification platform. According to the words of the Wolfsburg firm, it has come to cap the ID range, which represents Volkswagen’s electric models.

It features electroluminescent paint

Digitally, the camouflage of the Volkswagen ID.7 uses a paint composed of 40 layers. Under the top layer, 22 individually controllable zones use electroluminescence to illuminate. The QR Codes located on the bonnet and on the sides “play the role of an interface between the physical world and the digital world”. Which work

Aerodynamic styling for the electric sedan

Despite the camouflage covering its body, we can now check the style of this Volkswagen ID.7. Electric model obliges, the design is aerodynamic to reduce consumption and increase autonomy. Through the air intakes are located in the front to direct the air flow to the rear. The roof is sloping, it recalls the silhouette of a coupé. The overhangs are short and the wheelbase is 2.97 meters.

Electric autonomy is great

If the technical sheet of the Volkswagen ID.7 is not yet known at the time of writing these lines, the manufacturer has already announced an electric range of approximately 700 kilometers of WLTP. The passenger compartment is exposed without camouflage. We discovered an augmented reality head-up display, a 15-inch screen, another small screen that serves as a digital instrument cluster, illuminated touch cursors and above all a new climate control integrated into the infotainment system.

An intelligent air conditioning system on board

The Volkswagen ID.7’s air conditioning system also includes intelligent air vents. “The ID.7 recognizes the approaching driver through his key and, before the latter gets on board, starts to cool the passenger compartment in summer or heat it in cold weather”, explains the manufacturer. The air flow can also be directed to the bodies of the occupants, or directed indirectly.

The official presentation is scheduled for 2023

The sixth model in the ID family, the Volkswagen ID.7 will be fully unveiled in the second quarter of 2023. The production model will be sold in Europe, China and North America. The European version will come out of the Volkswagen plant in Emden, Germany. This is the plant that once produced the Volkswagen Passat.

3 questions about Volkswagen’s future electric sedan

What is the Volkswagen ID.7 range?

The technical data sheet of the Volkswagen ID.7 is still unknown at the time of writing these lines, but the German manufacturer has announced that the autonomy of its electric sedan reaches almost 700 kilometers according to the WLTP homologation cycles. The ID.7 maximizes its range thanks to an aerodynamic design inspired by the ID concept car. Aero.

What equipment is inside this model?

Unveiled at CES 2023, the interior of the Volkswagen ID.7 features a 15-inch touchscreen, a small screen for the digital instrument cluster, an augmented reality head-up display, illuminated touch cursors and a smart air conditioning system.

What is the release date of this electric sedan?

Partially presented at CES 2023, the Volkswagen ID.7 was fully revealed in the second quarter of the same year. The premium electric sedan is manufactured in Emdem, Germany for the European market.

In short

This is the electric replacement for the Passat. The Volkswagen ID.7 was partially revealed at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The German manufacturer is taking advantage of this technology fair to first show the interior of this high-end model, which features several screens – including a 15-inch touch screen – and an intelligent air conditioning system. If the design is still hidden under a heavy camouflage, we still recognize an aerodynamic style, with a coupe silhouette. As for the autonomy, it reaches 700 kilometers according to the WLTP homologation cycle. Based on the MEB platform and made in Germany, the Volkswagen ID.7 should be fully revealed in the second quarter of 2023.

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