Peugeot. A lackluster assessment in 2022, a mandatory boost for individuals in 2023

Peugeot delivered the essentials in 2022 by maintaining its position as the leading automotive brand, despite its significant loss of market share. The lion firm wants to raise the bar in the private channel in 2023, where it is in big trouble.

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Peugeot remained the number one brand for French in 2022, but not among private customers.

Laurent Lacoste

Facing the distribution network and repairers, Christophe Prevost, Peugeot’s sales director in France, used the word “battle” to sum up the financial year of 2022. After many battles carried out last year (lack of in parts, logistics crisis, energy…) and which is far from over, the Sochaux company has gained points but also lost some.

Among the satisfecits, and beyond “headwind”he held his place of market leader in passenger cars, with a share of 16.1%. Peugeot, however, suffered a 14.1% drop in registrations in a French market that fell 7.8%, gaining 1.1 points compared to last year. The brand is moving forward with a relatively stable portfolio compared to 2021 despite an order market that has slowed significantly in recent months. The 208 consolidated its position as the best-selling car in France, well ahead of the Dacia Sandero and Renault Clio. The lion brand places three other models in the top 10: the 2008 (5e ; – 1 place), 308 (7e ; + 14) and 3008 (8e ; – 1).

A sharp increase in electrification

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Christophe Prevost, Peugeot’s sales director in France


For the first time, the e-208 rose to the top of the electric car market (it was 3e in 2021), before the Dacia Spring and the Tesla Model 3. The brand, which will launch its e-308 at the start of the school year in September 2023, has worked on its offer in recent months to lower the rental cost of its 100% electric vehicles and thus meet the expectations of “small rider customers”. In particular, it promotes gains of 50 to 70 € per month on e-208 and e-2008 (LOA of 36 months, plus 500 km per month, without services).

Driven by its electric city car, but also by the 3008 and 308 plug-in hybrids, Peugeot claims the number one market position for electrified vehicles. In 2022, these models will represent 35% of its order portfolio (compared to 14% in 2021); a share that even climbs to 40% in the private channel. On the other hand, electrified vehicles accounted for only 15% of its deliveries due to extended lead times for plug-in hybrids. According to models and strengths, the brand is developing waiting times from 2 months (thermal VP) to 8 months (PHEV).

The figure: 10%

  • Proportion of private customer orders placed 100% online in 2022 (Peugeot Store)

The private channel, the big downside

The performance in the B to B channel is another satisfaction for Peugeot, whose share is at 22.9% (15.9% for Renault). “Our vehicles are recognized by rental companies and major accounts because they remain in good condition and are then resold in excellent condition”, explained Christophe Prevost in a press briefing organized on January 3, 2023. On the other hand, and like last year, the results are not there in the individual channel (– 21.8 %) with only a fraction of 10.3%, far behind Renault (15.9%) and Dacia (15.8%). This market accounted for only 29.4% of its registrations last year. “With our order portfolio, which is characterized by a high level of electrification and equipment, we experience more difficulties in the production of cars, especially for individuals”explained the director of commerce.

Jump at opportunities

In all its regional departments, the lion brand has been overtaken by Renault and/or Dacia. “This is not our place. Collectively, we couldn’t be prouder of our performance as individualscommented Christophe Prevost in front of the network. We have suffered in this channel, and it is an absolute priority to rectify it. To do that, we need to jump on opportunities, like lead processing. We are not at war on this topic, and there is no reason why we should not improve. »

The brand announced that it will be released in January “a map” aims to direct customer orders to vehicles available for production. Peugeot is also betting on the launch at the end of January of the 408, presented as a model to conquer, on the restyling of the 508, 2008 and 208, or even on the contribution of new technologies and engines to increase its penetration rate and regain leadership.on this channel.

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Peugeot, the leading brand in the car market

Peugeot hopes to win over new customers with its 408, which will be launched on January 25, 2023.

The argument

Profitability of 1.2% to 1.4% in 2022

Despite this poor performance in the most profitable channel, the distribution network recorded satisfactory financial results last year, benefiting in particular from a significant increase in NV and UV sales prices. Average profitability is expected to be between 1.2% and 1.4% in 2022, higher than in 2021. “This demonstrates the resilience and resilience of our network in the face of adverse winds. commented the manager, noting the sustainability of the NV unit’s profitability, the solid performance in used cars and after sales, but also the reduction in overheads within the dealerships. This “massification of turnover” should continue in the coming months. “But it must, on the one hand, make sense in terms of economic balance and, on the other hand, respect the customer journey of the brand. This is why we are attentive to each file consisting of the integration of a brand on a new site »concludes Christophe Prevost.

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