Elon Musk is struggling to find a new CEO for Twitter

Elon Musk has been called to resign from his position as CEO of Twitter following a poll he himself launched on the platform. He says he’ll resign on the only condition that he finds someone stupid to replace him, saying he’d rather lead the software and server teams.

But whoever he is, his replacement will have to return Twitter to calmer waters, the goal being to bring some stability to the social network newly purchased by the billionaire. Elon Musk remains the majority shareholder and is therefore looking for an intermediary who can help him get Twitter back on track. But what are the qualities sought to become the next boss of the network?

What happened to Twitter?

2022 has been a more than turbulent year for boss of Tesla and the bird logo social network. In January, Elon Musk began raising equity capital with the goal of buying Twitter for $44 billion. The offer was accepted in April. Only, following its own reasons (perhaps financial), it tried to back out of the offer in August to finally acquire Twitter in October.

The arrival of Elon Musk at the head of Twitter was the source of many changes to the platform, changes that did not please everyone. In fact, many people left the platform, not to mention the ‘bad buzz’ related to the management of Elon Musk.

The latter has shown his desire to take over the head of Twitter for some time now, but like a child who fails at his gift, he went from excitement to nightmare.

Elon Musk is undesirable?

The Twitter boss is constantly criticized and abused on social media as well as in real life. Many users are not satisfied with the evolution of the social network, the number of people who have left the platform since the arrival of Musk continues to grow.

Rumors are spreading. There is speculation about pressure from other shareholders to move Elon Musk. And the sale of the latter several million shares Tesla (to finance Twitter purchase) causing the stock to fall nearly 60% in 2022. Clearly, the automaker’s shareholders want Elon Musk to fix things.

Elon Musk poll (Twitter source)

Following all these pressures and changes, Elon Musk launched a poll on Twitter. His users must vote whether he should resign as boss or not. And he vowed to stick with the majority choice. 57.5% of Twitter’s 17.5 million users voted for him to step down as CEO.

What are the qualities sought in Twitter’s next boss?

Following recent events, we can assume that Twitter has begun the search to find a replacement for him at the head of the social network. But what kind of person should be the head of such a company? What qualities should this future leader possess?

  1. Ability to be confident and independent

A leader is someone who must defend his positions, someone who commands respect and has confidence in himself. Tesla’s new CEO needs to figure out how to make his own decisions without getting fired every time a certain Elon Musk doesn’t share his opinion. To be a good leader, a minimum of pride is needed to be heard.

  1. Learn to face reality

Twitter is currently experiencing financial problems. Elon Musk bought Twitter in $44 billion. The money to finance this purchase comes from the sale of several million shares of Tesla. The future leader will have as the first obstacle interest payments to lenders of up to 1 billion dollars a year as well as the recovery of Twitter’s financial health.

  1. Managing a business with a lot of creativity

Twitter is a social network, its success depends on the creativity of its concept, its users and the specific needs of the image. To manage such a company, the future leader must be creative and rich in imagination to better understand the environment in which his company operates.

Twitter is known for the virality of the information spread there, unfortunately it is also known for the abundant negativity of the platform’s users.

The future leader needs to build Twitter as a platform and as a profitable organization for its shareholders.

  1. Develop a plan and available alternatives

A leader who is blind to the management of his company is a person who is capable of sinking it without understanding anything about the functioning of the latter. Twitter has evolved into a dynamic market and a platform used daily by tens of millions of people.

The leader must be able to put a clear plan to his teams to ensure a positive future for Twitter.

The features mentioned above are based on an analysis of Twitter’s current needs. Neither the company nor Elon Musk has announced an active search for a future leader. And the billionaire is known for his sudden returns, capable of dismissing the first exchange on a whim.

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