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Manage your freelance activity with ease thanks to A true management tool, it offers an invoice management solution designed especially for auto-entrepreneurs. Created by Antoine Legendre in 2018, it offers freelancers the opportunity to do their own accounting, optimize their management processes and have better customer follow-up. SaaS software, it is accessible online and through an internet connection, but you can also download through the iOS and Android stores to use it from any smartphone and/or tablet.

How does this work

Combines all the accounting and administration of a self-employed company, yet is very easy to use thanks to its interactive editor. Before you start creating your quote or invoice, you first need to create a customer. To do this, just enter your client’s name and will take care of the rest. In fact, thanks to the name of your client (professional), the application will automatically collect for you all the legal and contact information (Siret, VAT, address, etc.) to generate an estimate in accordance with the law and report the these automatically on all your quotes and invoices. Your customer can even prove it online. For your private customers, you of course have the option to create them yourself by choosing to fill in their details manually. It is very important to take the time to properly configure your software. The more correctly this is done, the more time the software will save you.

Once this step is completed, you can create a quote or an invoice on behalf of your client. Click on the “Documents” button then select what you want to create (quote, invoice, credit notes). Select an existing contact, their service and complete the information. Once the latter is registered, all you have to do is dematerialize it and send it to your client via email.

Other features of

Although creating your quotes and invoices has been simplified, however, downloading offers you the possibility to take advantage of some very useful features such as tracking your payments for example In fact, through your dashboard, the software will allow you to follow all your payments, whether they are paid late or in the form of installments. It closely follows your cash flow and all your receipts by linking your bank account to your freelance management and invoicing tool. It accompanies you in all your transactions by linking each banking transaction to the right invoice and the right customer.

In addition to monitoring your accounting, the software also allows you to optimize your time management, by calculating the profitability of each mission, by allowing you to validate the time / price ratio on the invoice in right price. It provides you with a simple and effective time tracking tool to manage time spent on tasks.

If you want, can also declare your turnover for you using URSSAF. So, there is no longer any risk of forgetting, declaring or declaring late, the software helps you take care of the administrative situation of your micro-enterprise, avoiding late penalties.

Finally, be aware that also offers APIs to integrate with other computer applications. These integrations make it possible, for example, to connect to a database, exchange data, or even synchronize files between several computer programs through an extension, plugin or API.

If you also want to take advantage of the many features this management tool offers, go and download today and choose the formula that best suits your micro-enterprise.

The alternatives

There are many other software programs for managing your company’s compatibility, starting with Ciel Compta. Designed to enable SME-SMIs (artisans, traders, etc.) to easily and efficiently manage their company’s accounts, this application helps you from debit/credit entry, to the end of the year of finance, through correspondence and bank reconciliations. It gives you all the tools you need to manage your accounts: chart of accounts, dashboard, journal, VAT declaration, accounting entry models, etc.

You can also use Sage Accounting for Tradesmen and Small Businesses. Accounting and financial management solution adapted to small businesses, it accompanies you every day in the constantly changing financial and economic context. It offers industry solutions for a variety of industries, including construction, distribution, manufacturing, non-profit organizations and accounting.

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