Dacia is familiar with Citroën and on the podium of the French market in 2022

Auto Information: Dacia registrations remain well-focused despite a tense general market context, does the level of orders also follow this trajectory? ?

Thomas Dubruel: The main macroeconomic problems remain: rising prices of raw materials, with steel at +80% for example, logistical flow constraints, rising energy costs, etc. In France, the market context where we operate remains difficult with a 9% decrease in PC coverage and Dacia is doing well, growing by 3% at the end of November. We are approaching 116,000 units and the brand claims an 8.4% share in VPat the foot of the podium and just behind the Citroën. In the passenger cars segment alone, Dacia holds a 15.7% share, up 2 points from 2021, which was a good year. And I confirm that the orders are also very well focused, even strongly growing. I believe that we keep a customer promise adapted to consumer demand and at the same time we are able to reach new customers. Out of 10 customers, 8.5 renew the brand or the group and our rate of conquest is high.

Thomas Dubruelsales director of Dacia France.

“LPG represents a third of Dacia’s sales in France. »

Auto Information: Do all models contribute to this dynamic?

Thomas Dubruel: Safe values ​​remain, Sandero will be the best-selling passenger car for the seventh year in a row and the Duster is not slowing down. We also benefit from the arrival of Spring, which is the best-selling electric vehicle for individuals and The Jogger launch was a success, with 22,000 orders to date (see below). Dacia is also capitalizing on its LPG offering, which represents a third of sales when prices at the pump are high. Between LPG and electric, one in two Dacia sales is not a traditional thermal vehicle.

Auto Information: Are you able to lead the evolution of your brand image, an upmarket move in fact, as you wish?

Thomas Dubruel: In fact, we are slowly turning the page on the cheap and the days of Logans where we rolled up the windows are over. It is a matter of measurement Dacia is not looking for the first price, but for the right price and this commitment to being important applies across the board. This important work was delivered by the network, deploying the new brand identity in showrooms and after-sales areas. We have better phygital consistency and we improve the touchpoints that matter. Transparency in prices and refusal to interfere with discounts, 80% response to leads in less than an hour, where 95% for NV, it is concrete. We have a fleet of 1.3 million vehicles in France and we manage to make a profit on after-sales, with workshop acceptances increased by 7.5% this year.

“The Dacia brand should be more visible, included in the network. »

Auto Information: You want a better separation of Dacia spaces in the network: how do you approach the subject at a time when investors are not inclined to release large budgets?

Thomas Dubruel: The brand should be more visible, included in the network and we are working on it. Currently, we have around 100 boxes dedicated to Dacia in France, 150 separate showrooms and finally, corners. The idea is absolutely not to just have boxes and we will keep them where they are needed. On the other hand, we are promoting better segregated showrooms and two-brand after-sales reception areas.

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Auto Information: Were you surprised by Spring’s average price, which was higher than you expected at launch?

Thomas Dubruel: The Spring remains the most accessible electric vehicle on the market and is the choice of customers to define their needs. Always in our logic of design-to-cost, Spring is a small car, light, with a battery that does not exceed the bid but offers 200 km of autonomy. we do many conquests in the Spring and the clientele is younger than the brand. Spring owners travel an average of 25 km per day, on several routes, and they favor small refills. This is precisely Spring’s proposal.

Auto Information: In terms of average age, we note that Jogger consumers are also relatively young (44.77% of customers aged 26 to 55, including 19.72% for 26-40 year olds). Does this mean you are reaching young families as expected?

Thomas Dubruel: Exactly, the Jogger meets our predictions and its positioning. In addition to young families, we also see customers returning from the old Dokker and customers who want to move upmarket and benefit from a spacious and versatile model, so the attractiveness of 7 places whether it is frequently used or not. LPG is also in high demand in this model because it often guarantees the right economic balance.

“Through Mobilize Financial Services, our penetration rate has increased to 60%. »

Auto Information: Isn’t one of your areas for improvement found in improving the efficiency of financing products, since your customers remain attached to conventional credit?

Thomas Dubruel: We are doing this and our progress is fast. Through Mobilize Financial Services, our penetration rate increased to 60% with 70% of so-called “loyalty” products. The introduction of a packaged LOA, including maintenance, was successful in 2022. We will continue at this point because it also allows us to reduce the impact of inflation. We will too offer rental offers based on usagebecause we feel that this demand is growing.

Auto Information: Do you see 2023 as a year of consolidation or as another year of growth?

Thomas Dubruel: Beyond all the uncertainty that characterizes the market, we look forward to a new year of growth. The Jogger in hybrid version, its first delivery will take place in March, will specifically bring us new customers, while also waiting for our other new products. And the complete deployment of our new brand identity will take place and give its full scale in 2023 and 2024.

Close-up at the Dacia Jogger launch

  • C-segment

  • 4,204 registrations

  • 76.47% of sales to individuals

  • 73% personal financing or conventional credit

  • 54.76% of customers aged 56

  • 100% fuel registration

(Source: AAA DATA – Figures as of end of October 2022)

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