Why are more and more people deciding to live in Dubai?

Many of us dream of living by the sea with year-round sunshine. Thanks to simplified installation procedures, Dubai can make these dreams come true.

The UAE wants to attract expatriates to boost its workforce and economy. In return, Dubai offers landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards, world-class infrastructures and numerous professional opportunities.

Dubai’s population will exceed 3.5 million in 2022, but with the city’s major expansion, the government’s target is to reach 5.8 million by 2040. To attract expats and workers to settle, the UAE has changed its visa policies .

Speed ​​skating champion Sarah Lindsay has just moved to Dubai with her gym business.

“I have a fitness coaching business in London and we’ve always wanted to expand overseas, but we weren’t sure where. So we looked at several places and because of the lockdown we spent a long time in Dubai and we really fell in pag -love this city. As an entrepreneur starting his business in Dubai, I had a very positive experience”, inform Sarah Lindsay.

“After 20 years on an ice rink, what I love most about Dubai is that the sun is clear”, added the British businesswoman.

Simplified methods to live in Dubai easily

People who want to live in Dubai must pass a medical examination and obtain a valid resident visa. If you decide to join a company, the company’s human resources department will oversee this process. If you are setting up as a self-employed person to work as a freelancer, start a business or for retirement, you can apply for a visa directly on the Dubai government website or use special services on immigration, like Fragomen .

“Fragomen helps businesses and individuals at every step of the immigration process, making the settlement process smooth and easy,” said Murtaza Khan, associate director of Fragomen Middle East and Africa.

Mr. believes Khan that Dubai is a city conducive to the influx of expatriates. “If you look at migration around the world, what attracts people? It’s the opportunities, and Dubai has long been a business hub, and more than that,” explained Mr. Khan.

“Dubai offers lifestyle choices. You have the freedom to practice religion or not. We have a relatively safe and secure environment, and a lot of good infrastructure, care, health and schools”, He added.

School in Dubai, a matter of choice

Heather Harries, a renowned educator based in Dubai, is an independent and respected voice in education.

“There is a very reliable grading system in Dubai. All schools must be validated and inspected by the KHDA, a government inspection body. They then list the results of these inspections on their website so you can see exactly what happens in every school, explained Mrs. Harris.

Schools in Dubai offer different teaching techniques – Euro news

When choosing a school, whose annual fee is around 8,000 to 32,000 euros per year, Ms. Harries to do your research before: “Look closely at the qualities you value in your current school and think about how you would like to improve it. You may not like homework for your children, or vice versa. You may be for or against uniform. It may be that your child loves sports, art or theater. Know that there is always a school that will fulfill your wishes.”

As any expat will tell you, two-thirds of the world’s population is within an eight-hour flight of Dubai. If you move here, your family and friends may visit you more often than you think.

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