Cupra Born VZ: what is the value of the sporty Volkswagen ID.3?

Coat of arms Cupra made a name for itself by designating the smartest version of Ibiza and Leon. Then became a brand in its own right, always bringing together sporty versions of Seat models but also some unpublished. Born is one of them. This electric compact, first presented in the form of a concept car with the Seat logo, ultimately intends to put its dynamism within the Cupra range. In profile, the newcomer can’t hide its cousin with the Volkswagen ID.3 that serves as its base, the glazing being identical between the two models. The frowny look and the taillight strip, however, give the Spaniard a certain personality.

More importantly, Cupra won’t be content with offering the same mechanicals as its Volkswagen cousin. So appeared the VZ-version, for Veloz (fast, in Spanish), standard registration number for the most powerful models in the range. Nothing can compete with the fastest Leon, a true 300 hp sports car. Here, we have to be content 230 hp, just 26 hp more than the entry-level version. And this is subject to conditions, because the full cavalry is available only if the battery is charged more than 88%, provided that the Cupra driving mode is selected. Find the error, while it is advisable, to save the life of the batteries, to avoid charging more than 80% as much as possible…

The Cupra Born is more fun to drive than the Volkswagen ID.3

Anyway, the Cupra Born really shows higher dynamism than the Volkswagen ID.3. We measured a recovery from 80 to 120 km/h in 4.8 seconds, fully charged battery, which is more than noble. At 25% load, the vitality loses its luster: it takes 5.3 seconds for the same exercise. Like all other Volkswagen Group models, the Born sees its health wither away as you drive. But, in any case, the covers remain flattering. There is also a mapping of the accelerator pedal that is more sensitive than the Volkswagen ID.3, which gives from the first meters a feeling of quite pleasant reactivity. Cupra has done everything to differentiate, with few technical changes, its Born. And it was quite successful.

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