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Agafay is a reg extending to several hundred hectares. This famous Moroccan desert is hilly with very fine white and ocher sand. At the feet of these giants, nature seems to have placed sharp stones and jutting stones to confront the motor vehicles that try to approach this enchanted oasis rather carelessly.
This haven of peace and tranquility, where flora and fauna thrive, is fed by a wadi capable of releasing its force within minutes. It contrasts sharply with the few Berber villages that continue to exist in this austere but beautiful nature.
If this magical place is only a stone’s throw from the Marrakesh, and you are able to forget the intense atmosphere of the center of the capital, know that the natives are limited to a few die-hard franchisors to cross it. We, we will have the last Dacia Duster dCi 4×4.

Our Duster is a 4×4

The new generation of DusterThe vintage 2023, is offered with a wide range of powertrains. The offer starts with a bi-fuel engine (petrol and LPG), with Duster ECO-Gand goes upmarket with the 4-cylinder turbo petrol of 1.3 l that accumulates 130 horsepowerand even 150 including the box of EDC automatic gears. For information, note that this engine block was developed by Renault engineers, who received technical support from Mercedes engine manufacturers. This is why this is so 1.3 TCe is also hidden under the hood of some “small” models of the star-studded brand.
Big rollers will naturally shift towards the turbodiesel. This 4-cylinder 1.5-liter direct injection engine generates 115 horsepower for 260 Nm of torque present from 1,750 rpm. In fact, this cavalry offers a good time to Duster dCi 115, because the company is talking about a TOP 100 executed in 10.2 seconds. Not only that.
Dacia offers a 4WD version of it Duster. He uses the same block diesel dCi 115 and adds just 89 kg to the scale for all-wheel drive. At 1,439 kg, some say he is a featherweight due to his crossing ability.
Well, that’s what we’ll see…

Duster Adventure

Before leaving immediately to see the Moroccan nature, we take advantage of our little resort. It must be said that we have left the negative temperatures of the capital and, in the very place, the sun radiates its gentle warmth in the kingdom. At 20°C, we’re pretty good, and it deserves a “splash”…

The next morning, business starts a little early.
Before hitting the Tarmac and enjoying the track, we need to get out of the twists and turns of Marrakech. Looks like the local DDE is on strike over the gaping holes in the road. You also have to look closely at the sides, with natives capable of throwing themselves in front of your grill, and at the back, with trucks that strangely take your sip.
Fortunately, the Duster can tackle our old city centers and the urban jungle of southern countries without too much difficulty. Its ground clearance and stable design open up a field of possibilities. Its compact size of 4.30 m makes it, moreover, quite easy to use. Finding him a parking space or sneaking through traffic jams is a “broad possible mission” for him. Note that, in this usage, our Duster was satisfied with an average consumption of only 6.3 l per 100 km. This figure will quickly climb to 8.9 l on average during our wanderings on some tracks of the Agafay desert.

The mineral land with the lunar landscape, the decor gives the impression of being part of an expedition of explorers from ancient times. Except for us, we have a very good machine.
The system in 4 wheel drive from Duster from the old man Nissan X-Trail which uses a viscous coupling to send power to the 4 wheels as needed. Fortunately, sandy and wet tracks require this kind of propulsion so we don’t stay tanned. engine torque turbodiesel not lacking in strength to cross steep slopes of more than 15°. The traction is great there, and when you wave in the clouds, on a steep climb, all you need is a press of ” camera » to activate the GPS screen that turns into a crossing aid. As for the 4×4 Monitor functionality, it includes a compass and an altimeter. So, we can have the right information at the right time.

You know the old saying: going up is going down. The Duster’s brakes are strong, and you can also opt for electronic descent assist that manages tire grip to the nearest microsecond.
A crossing of bridges?
Fear not, the chassis design is really sturdy. We make him lift his leg without any problem, without disturbing the stability of the body. The Duster is still very good in this context. It climbs everywhere, traversing both muddy paths and rocky paths.

It also went up in speed

The Duster is truly a do-it-all machine!
And casually, this 2023 vintage gets sex appeal. If we expect a new generation of Duster for late 2024, early 2025, the firm revives its appeal with a cosmetic update that makes it more desirable. The most telling is undoubtedly that this front face got a new grille. It proudly places at its center the brand’s new logo, the ” Link by Dacia “. If you think this one is illuminated, it’s not. It’s just painted white to mimic an LED strip, like on some high-end Teutons.

On the other hand, the optics take advantage of this update to launch a new signature with a Y shape. In addition, the front lights now use Eco LED technology, which increases safety through illumination on the road more effectively. At the rear, the Duster is adorned with a redesigned rear spoiler, which contributes to reducing CO2 emissions while gaining style. New 17-inch alloy wheels shod with all-road tires (Mud + Snow) add a touch of escapism that only belongs here SUV.

The cabin is not left out, with a new dashboard.
Its horizontal design is more modern. Plastics are still hard, but they certainly won’t budge over time. On the steering wheel, the backlit buttons are easier to read. The central armrest slides out and offers an additional storage space of almost 1.1 l.
Multimedia finds its place on an 8-inch touch screen. Its interface is simple and intuitive. The sound system is content with 4 speakers, but its Bluetooth connectivity and its compatibility, via USB cable, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay open up a field of possibilities. If this is not enough for you, you can opt for Media Navwhich is enriched by on-board navigation MAP CARE (Western Europe or Eastern Europe map + 6 free updates for 3 years) and 2 additional speakers.

The space on board is enough for 4 people and their luggage. In addition, its excellent modularity allows you to adapt the passenger compartment to your preference with 1/3-2/3 folding rear bench seats. The icing on the hood is that all the seats can also be folded. In any case, it is enough to look at the most popular furniture kit sellers and come back with the Kikebluc wardrobe…

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