The Warriors-Grizzlies rivalry: the best in the entire NBA?

If the spirit of Christmas reigned yesterday in the NBA, the Warriors and Grizzlies did not hesitate to show that December 25 is not an excuse not to put themselves in the face. A new bottle of oil, in the fire of a particularly strong conflict.

Two franchises that hate each other, two intersecting eras.

Golden State aside, king on the hill, patron of the West and established order for years, wanting to keep his place on the throne.

Memphis on the other hand, is young and ambitious, promising and car-loving, who wants to disrupt the institution in place for a long time.

For months, the Grizzlies and Warriors disliked each other. We can go back far, without a specific date, but at least to the Iguodala episode to understand the anger that exists between these two franchises. And this Sunday, December 25, as the last series of the Playoffs between Memphis and Golden State continued, messages of love were sent from both sides.

Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Dillon Brooks, Ja Morant, on the board.

We saw it last night, this match has a very special significance for the Warriors.

Draymond and his teammates really want this game, to win at home, even without Stephen Curry or Andrew Wiggins.

Because it’s about respecting it, and remembering who’s boss. Talked to tell Ja Morant, who recently said he was worried about the Celtics as he was “quiet in the west” that the West is not so quiet.

It’s about telling Dillon Brooks, who announced 2 weeks ago that he wants to defend Klay Thompson to show him true defense because he knows Curry won’t go there, that there’s a big gulf between Hall of Famer and a role. player.

Klay also summarized it very well in the post-game interview: these Grizzlies bring out the best in these Warriors.

And that is the basis of a rivalry. It’s circling the date of a match on your calendar, having the emotion gauge at 8000, and taking your 31 to hit the opponent. Klay and his teammates know this, there’s no question of giving these youngsters a chance to brag on Christmas Eve, across the country and in San Francisco, while the boss sits on the bench in a turtleneck.


But Klay Thompson continues his point and the insistence of this rivalry: you can hate them, but you have to respect them.

And on this line the Golden State fanbase is currently dancing, as well as Memphis and the entire NBA. It’s a fine line, respect in front of the microphones but the desire for carnage as soon as they are removed. The NBA knows exactly what it’s doing by scheduling this game on Christmas Eve, following public demand from Ja Morant and Draymond Green.

The Grizzlies did all the blah-blah, but found themselves still inferior to old dad: the veteran, confident, 3 strokes ahead and refusing to let go.

As with any great dynasty, it takes a small one to dethrone the big one. Memphis is growing, but Memphis still has work to do.

One thing is certain, it is that before there is an official date of the inevitable collapse of the Warriors, the children of Tennessee will continue to bark.

And on the contrary, veterans like the youngsters of Golden State will continue to defend their place, at the top of the NBA hierarchy.

The biggest current rivalry is between the Warriors and Grizzlies? When we saw what both teams were capable of on Christmas Eve, we didn’t want to think about a new 7 game series. Finally, yes, sorry. Send us a 7 game series between these two franchises, so the intensity gauge explodes.

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