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Write your content of third-party writers can be a difficult task for many professional sites or some bloggers.

  • How to find prices?
  • How to assess editorial quality?
  • What are the different criteria that can be chosen or imposed before writing?
  • Should you go through a platform or a freelance writer?

There are many questions that can be asked before entrusting all or part of its content to third-party editors. So it’s worth demystifying it all and bringing it out best web writing platform for your SEO optimized content. This is of course my personal opinion, but I rely on solid arguments.

If you know my netlinking platform crush, you can’t help but know who I’m talking about, because I think he’s better than everyone else on some level. This is SEMJuice.

Get your content written by professional writers

Writing on the web like any content created for a website, it should be relevant and provide added value. We primarily consider our audience, whose expectations we must meet through requests made to search engines.

So also writing SEO articles SEO requirements must also be met, and more specifically Google, which is the main engine used in France in particular.

Because of this, SEMJuice is positioned as a capable platform respond to any request for web-optimized content, while responding to publishers’ specific briefs. This is one of the reasons I joined their services, but beyond that, SEMJuice highlights 6 points that combine quality writing and checkpoints (see below).

Web writing platforms

On the Internet there are many platforms that offer a range of services including writing on the web. On the other hand, there are platforms that only specialize in content creation. This is the solution to consider when looking for a level of quality and possible content optimization to meet google requirements in terms of defining.

Good writing skills

In addition, some platforms offer several options to make the brief as accurate as possible for writers. This is another good point not to forget some details, as they are easily forgotten when outsourcing content to freelancers in particular. Multi-service platforms do not offer options in this direction and a freelancer will not always have the reflex to ask the right questions, or even suggest a template before starting to write your piece(s). article.

So you have to go through a specialized platform that offers content to write. This service is often offered by a netlinking platform that masters writing optimized for the web. He creates client briefs that often present varying levels of requirements and quality of writing.

Content writing: big difference in quality!

I have tested a lot content writing platforms as well as freelancers who have offered these services, and this, for the past 8 years. In the estate, you can say that there is food and drink, and the conclusion I draw from this is simple; many players create content by the mile for the sole purpose of slipping a link, and it’s not much more than that.

We went from very short content to empty content no quality or relevance, let alone optimization for the web. The level of writing is sometimes distinguished by a thousand! Hear through it that it is often subcontracted to editors who do not master the subtlety of the French language. The mindset that emerges from this practice is of course more profit than quality and respect for the customer. In addition, the less the copywriter is paid, the more quality will leave something to be desired!

Write guest blog posts

So a good one web writing platformmust deliver quality content, while being respected the fundamentals of SEOwhen we talk about netlinking.

1. Platforms that specialize in content writing

as’publisher or advertiser, you can both position yourself as a client for a platform. On the one hand the advertiser who releases the netlinking budget on the platform, and on the other various publishers who will be paid at the end of a publication, if they are selected. Although publishers are often considered partners, the notion of the client can also be maintained when it comes to delivering content to them that meets a brief.

As a publisher, there is a level of necessity to assert about the content delivered, if it is written by the platform. Therefore, you are not directly ordering content from the platform, which must respect your brief as well as the client’s. Both should be considered at the time of writing.

If the content is written without any relevance level and quality, I consider that the advertiser is disrespected on the one hand, and the publisher much less. The latter must share value-added content for its audience, and not offer over-optimized and promotional content. The platform may take the risk of losing its customers; advertisers and publishers, due to the lack of consideration of expectations and the expected level of quality.

When you have a customer paying a high price for netlinking, it hurts a little bit when the quality isn’t there.

In addition, the publisher will have empty content that is not relevant, and risks disappearing from the platform.

A great writing platform so its customers, whether advertisers or publishers, must be respected. And this, especially when the platform handles the writing that the publisher might have to pay for. This is why I chose the SEMJuice platform for content writing, because the content delivered for advertisers respects the client’s brief but at the same time my requirements; tone, number of words, editorial biasetc.

Using its services for my personal content therefore becomes a simple formality, where again we can refine many parameters a perfectly controlled editorial fee.

2. Editors freelancers on service platforms

One freelance writer is a single person who cannot be an expert on all themes. The level of quality is often quite low as a result, as the writing risks are relatively neutral and irrelevant. Conversely, an SEO editor will establish a higher price if research is carried out, with sources cited where necessary.

write relevant content

A freelancer is not memorized and we do not know him, so it is difficult to entrust him with a global mission without going through a test first. Test that should be repeated as many times as necessary until the correct profile is found. However, there are good freelancers who offer to write on specific topics, with key references.

Therefore it is more a question of pricing, as a freelancer cannot control costs like a platform would. Also remember that a good freelancer is rarely available, because he demands clients who won’t let him go easily!


So the difference between platform and freelancer is in multiple quality control points and the ability to adapt to a client’s brief, regardless of its theme. The platform will also have SEO tools necessary, hindsight in the control of processes and therefore of costs. Using one platform saves time in choosing an editor and everything needed.

We are talking to an interlocutor for a article writing assignment with certainty of acquisition SEO optimized content if necessary and relevant due to the good profile maintained.

SEO optimized web writing by SEMJuice

SEMJuice is becoming in my opinion the best optimized writing platform after many years of partnership. Ultra-conclusive tests on some content delivered through its dedicated web writing service, confirmed my choice.

SEMJuice offers you write your SEO optimized web content according to 6 quality and control points at your convenience. These points will speak for themselves and conclude this choice which has been mine for several years.

SEMJuice web writing

1. Personalized instructions for your text

You can share your specific instructions or leave it to SEMJuice, it’s up to you!

  • The creation of a tailor-made briefing.
  • Selecting the query to target for optimizing your text.
  • Your specific requests for content adapted to your line and image.

2. The writer selected by SEMJuice

SEMJuice will select the perfect copywriter for you:

  • The writer would be most comfortable with your theme and your instructions.
  • A copywriter to be trained on SEMJuice’s quality requirements.
  • A precise editor with more than 150 selected.

3. Internal content proofreading

The group of internal correctors of SEMJuice will systematically proofread all texts and correct:

  • The validity of statements made (fact-checking).
  • Grammar, spelling, syntax, etc.
  • This will confirm the style used and respect for your editorial line.
  • Properly following the instructions given upstream

4. Control to avoid plagiarism

Duplicate content will slow down your SEO efforts! Thus, SEMJuice can control plagiarism.

  • Validate an automated test that will detect possible copied-pasted content.
  • Manual rewriting of all sentences that would have been duplicated.

5. SEO optimization control

SEMJuice and its team of 15 in-house SEO proofreaders will review:

  • The best rateSEO optimization upon verified request.
  • The lowest SEO over-optimization rate.
  • The good fluidity of the written text.

6. Inserting premium images as needed

For better definition of your content, SEMJuice also takes care of inserting premium images to illustrate your content.

  • Placing related images High quality.
  • Royalty-free or purchased images by SEMJuice.
  • Posting your own photos (of good quality) if you provide them.

SEMJuice web writing

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