the press celebrates the “amazing” and “maradonian” Lionel Messi, while comforting the “incredible” Mbappé

From Argentine newspapers to Spanish and even Brazilian ones, the entire press paid tribute to Argentina’s extraordinary coronation and its star.

The day after Argentina won the World Cup, the international press celebrated with one voice “breathtaking“Lionel Messi’s talent and his whole performance”Maradona“until the end of a match”of the anthology“. Without forgetting to entertain the other stars of this last “epic“: the “phenomenon” Mbappé.

Lionel Messi”planted its flag on the summit of Everest“, welcomed the British daily The Times. His Albiceleste team got their third world crown on Sunday against France (3-3, 4 tab to 2). By scoring two goals, the team guide of Argentina”now ranks among the greatest of all sports“. “Eternal glory to Messi“, headlined the Argentine sports daily Olé, reflecting the general feeling in Argentina. An entire nation has been waiting almost twenty years for the coronation of their famous number 10, joining Diego Maradona in the Pantheon of football gods.

Like several other headlines in the international press, the Gazzetta dello Sport is convinced that Messi is “a dash with Maradona“. because”Messi is a genius in an ordinary body, or rather in a body that has nothing about it“. gold”in football, this physicality may be enough if you have the head of an artist and the feet of God“Added the Italian newspaper, under a picture of a Messi exulting in joy.”Like Diego Maradona in his day, the idol of the stadium lived up to his reputation on Sunday, more than ever the pride of an entire people.», salute to the French daily Le Figaro, in praise of «stunning messi“.

At 35, Messiled Argentina to the top with a maradonian performance“, ran rampant in the Spanish sports newspaper Marca. “10 reaches glory“after”a lifelong disappointment and misunderstanding between him and his country, with two farewells from the national team», Underline the Spanish title El Pais. Even in Brazil, the great rival of the Albiceleste, we enthusiastically cheered the success of “brothers and sisters“Argentinians and Messi’s coronation,”the best“WHO”it is very appropriate to raise the cup“, according to the daily O Globo.

The 2022 World Cup ends the Messi x CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo) debate and the Argentinian is the best player of the last 50 years“, Titled the Brazilian news site Uol, without even daring to compare the star to “king» Pele. For the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, “Lionel Messi creates a timeless work“won”the first world champion title in a white and blue cathedral“. Messi is finally world champion: “a major event in the game’s history that brings this consummate artist closer to immortality“, We congratulate the French sports daily L’Equipe, who only regret that Messi did not “choose another day“.

Mbappé”for the history books»

Unsurprisingly, the team resides in “the three goals in the final of an incredible Kylian Mbappé, who brought his courage“And where is the Golden Boot award for the top scorer of the event (8 goals)”did not draw a smile“. But the Gazzetta dello sport also pays tribute to “Mbappé, a wonder like no other” while the Süddeutsche Zeitung pays tribute to the French and his “individual performance for the football history books“. “The Frenchman scored a hat-trick and equalized twice in a losing matchin advance, I congratulate El Pais.

However, “Kylian Mbappé’s desire to be considered the best has only been delayed“, apparently lamented the New York Times. “What a finale!“, enthuses the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung which speaks of a “Exciting party“for two teams to cross”heaven and hell“. “Unforgettable finale», «mania», «absolute happiness», «the best finaleexclaimed the Argentine press, as well as the French press, who were enthusiastic about it “final in apotheosis“, in one “not a real suspense game“where”completely crazy“, according to Le Monde. “One of the heroic battles that transcends time“, underlined the Team, but also”one of the stabs that go through the heart“.

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