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Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Friday, December 16, 2022. The relationship between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé. The Argentinian with a bit of France in him. The Argentines view on Mbappé…

In today’s edition, the team assigns its front page to Lionel Messi. La Pulga, who performs PSG for a year and a half, has a little of France in his appreciation of the sports newspaper. ” It took him a few months to adapt, but Lionel Messi starting with the Parisian feeling. »Before signing the PSGthe Argentine international’s relationship with France summary » some vacations Paris or even in the land of Ballon d’Orwhich he won 7 times. Loic Tanzi reminds me too Messi greatly appreciated the two French players, Zinedine Zidane and Karim Benzema. After arriving at PSGthe former from Barcelona and his family lived for two months on Royal Monceau. Despite the prestige of the establishment, the family Messi struggled with this change. ” Their adaptation to the city really began after their installation in Neuilly sur Seine. Ever since Messi have done a job they enjoy. “Usually homebodies,” the Argentine star, his wife Antonella and their three children have built a Parisian network. » Number 30 of PSG likes to have his habits and life balance centered around his family, ensuring daily life in sports.

A sign confirms the final adaptation of the family Messi in Paris. His three sons are beginning to understand French well. and even talk regularly at homeno. » They try to start the attacker of PSG in the language of Moliere. The team also explained that his relationship with supporters and press has improved. ” Upon his arrival, the Argentine found that the criticism of him was somewhat exaggerated. And especially the whistles of Princes Parkat the end of last season, following the departure of the Champions League. It will still take him some time to come and celebrate the victory with the Ultras Paris Collective,” such a champion is not built without an ego and it is still difficult for him to overcome this episode. » The daily sports ending explaining what to see Messi extend by one year with the PSG not surprisingly, despite the interests ofInter Miami and Newell’s Old Boyshis first club at Rosary.

Daily sports that also foster relationships between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe, that develop together PSG in a year and a half, and who will be the two main headliners of the final of World Cup enter here France and theArgentina Sunday afternoon (4 pm). The two men are not close” but nurture a deep mutual respect. Their clash in the final will have some stakes. The title of the top scorer in the competition (5 goals each), possibly the best player in World Cup or even the Golden Ball 2023. Back to their relationship, when Messi Arrived at PSG,” with the intention expressed to its leaders to win C1, the presence of Mbappe is in his eyes a major asset. »

From the first steps of the number 30 of PSG in Lodge Campthe exchange between the two men took about ten minutes. Mbappe accepted Messi in Spanish, which surprised the Argentinian. In a specific context, the former Monegasque asked to leave the club to join the real Madrid, Messi was not involved in this story, believing it was none of his business the team. After the extension of the French striker, ” Messi held it Mbappe was the main asset of the team and he strives to promote continuous connection, in the name of collective excellence and common interests. ” Something that pleases the number 7 of PSG. Between them, the reports are always professional, indicate sports every day. They talked a lot in training about their technical relationship. The team which ends by explaining that Mbappe and Messi always have a constructive attitude towards each other.

On his side, The Parisian list the reasons for a possible success of France againstArgentina Sunday afternoon. And one of them is obviously attacking the PSG, Kylian Mbappe. ” like Leo Messi for’Albicelestethe Blues can count on a unique player: Kylian Mbappe. The daily Ile-de-France explains that it has this madness, class, that little extra thing that can change a match with a shot, a dribble or a sprint.

The daily region is also mentioned Lionel Messi. Number 30 of PSG is the only icon on the streets of Qatar. It has a very high popularity rating in the Qatar,” Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo is just an illusion. “For some supporters, Kylian Mbappe is the future of football as Lionel Messi always the present.

The everyday the team also evokes the perception of Argentines vis-à-vis Kylian Mbappeplaced as risk number 1 forAlbieleste. As the final between France and Argentina approaches, the PSG striker crystallizing Argentina’s passions. To the point of wanting to create an “enemy of events” to motivate the troops. To break the sugar off his back a bit, his comments about South American football came out in May. Despite these small spikes, Kylian Mbappe continue to inspire admiration for Argentina ending the team.

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