How does wage portage help combat the shortage of candidates?

Since the pandemic, companies have faced a rapid shortage of qualified candidates. This is the reason why some of them choose to opt for wage portage, which is effective in many aspects.

The crisis, professional retraining and the generalization of telework fueled by residential mobility have reconfigured the way work is conceived and instilled in some employees a desire for freedom and flexibility. So there is a lack of candidate profiles with basic qualifications and, consequently, a tighter recruitment market in all areas of activity. To overcome this lack of resources, some companies choose to opt for wage portage employees, for one-off or long-term assignments, so as not to slow down their growth. A solution that has proven to be particularly effective and profitable.

How to explain this phenomenon of lack of candidates?

The feeling of doing work that does not match one’s preferences has increased dramatically during the pandemic. According to a Randstad study from July 2020, more than one in four French people had the feeling of having a “bull shit job”, that is to say, a job with no interest. Of the people questioned, 29% of them did not understand the meaning and usefulness of their work and 16% admitted that they became aware of it in the context of the health crisis. Finally, one of the most interesting data, almost a third of French people consider post-crisis mobility, both geographical and professional, by changing their sector of activity, or by transition to self-employed status. The result of this phenomenon of efficient resignation can be seen today in a lack of qualified candidates, which leads on the one hand to the absence of candidates in professions under pressure and on the other hand, a lack of expertise.

But this trend is not only responsible; Job seekers, in France and elsewhere, have become more demanding. New criteria are taken into account when choosing their job, such as higher pay and better quality of work life. Among the negative points identified by the candidates, we noticed in particular a recruitment process that was too long or even repetitive and uninspiring tasks. There are too many criteria to significantly reduce the number of relevant applications for companies. Some of them no longer attract suitable profiles, confining themselves to a job offer that is considered too traditional, while others have reacted by outsourcing some tasks.

Wage portage, a concrete response to the lack of candidates

To solve the lack of expert profiles, companies are moving more and more towards the payroll outsourcing solution. A status, in the process of democratization because it offers employees (consultants, freelancers) social rights equal to those of traditional employees with often more attractive monthly income. In 2022, there will be, according to PEPS and FEPS, 100,000 employees in France working in 750 different professions. Among the areas of activity of these service providers, we find, for example, consulting, training, web development, digital professions, but also all web marketing services.

With constant increase, it can, according to these organizations, be multiplied to 6 in 2025. wage portage. A trend that can be explained in particular by the strengthening of the status since 2017. This results in a new ordinance supplementing the legal framework and the creation of a collective agreement of the branch dedicated to employees.

Observing the lack of candidates has encouraged companies to start outsourcing missions, by calling independent consultants through the wage portage system. A status that allows both a guarantee of expertise on the part of the candidates for the company, and a tailored availability according to the needs and the projects to be carried out. This arrangement also allows better control of costs and Human Resources management activities. But that’s not all, because this solution helps to significantly improve the company’s growth indicators by supporting senior or expert profiles.

The democratization of telework and the desire for independence have reconfigured the ways of conceiving work in France. Companies with generalized wage portage have definitely made the right choice. According to the 2022 list of Les Echos that lists 200 French growth champions, the company in third place in the ranking specializes in wage portage.

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