Guide to Lenovo 14 inch laptop laptops

For a long time, most laptops fell into one of three camps. There are 13-inch laptops for portability, 17-inch laptops for people who need large screens, and 15-inch laptops for everyone. But occasionally, some brands, including Lenovo and Asus, buck the trend with a 14-inch laptop, offering the portability of an ultra-slim machine with enough screen to be productive.

Due to thinner screen bezels and a move away from the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, the trend toward 14-inch Lenovo laptops is threatening the popularity of 13- and 15-inch laptops.’s editorial team loves 14-inch laptops because they can be as large as a traditional 13-inch laptop, providing the portability needed for commuting to work or for on long business trips.

The classics: ThinkPads (and now ThinkBooks)

ThinkPads are classic business-style laptops from Lenovo, with a wide range of configurable features: touchscreens, cellular connectivity, biometric login hardware, docking options. Their first common point? They are almost always colored in Lenovo’s classic matte black.

To help position certain models in the broader laptop market, Lenovo divides its ThinkPads into several letter-indicated subclasses. These include the high-end ThinkPad X and X1 ultraportable lines, the entry-level ThinkPad L family, and the ThinkPad P mobile workstation. The 14-inch X1 Carbon is the company’s flagship product, joining the 13-inch X1 Nano.

14 inch convertible laptop

As affordable as it is, the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i 14 (from $559.99) sets the standard for 2-in-1 convertible laptops. It covers the basics: a 14-inch screen, your choice of Intel or AMD processors and a well-designed 360-degree hinge that lets you place it on a desk like a tent or easel or flip it over tablet mode.

Add reassuring build quality and a low price, and you have an editors’ Choice award winner for best mid-range convertible laptop.

Yoga and Flex: Lenovo’s hybrids

Behind the ThinkPad and IdeaPad computers are Lenovo’s most touchscreen hybrids, which can function as both laptops and tablets: the Yoga and Flex laptops. Introduced in 2012, the first Yoga pioneered the 2-in-1 convertible laptop concept. conventional laptop, an easel-style stand mode for presentations, an A-frame or tent mode for watching videos or using touch applications in an airline. tray, and tablet mode for reading or doodling and drawing with the stylus.

In addition to high-end consumer systems called Lenovo Yogas, you’ll find ThinkPad Yogas and ThinkBook Yogas that target a business audience. They follow naming schemes and line numbering that suits them, such as the ThinkPad X1 series.

So which Lenovo laptop should I buy?

There are many different 14-inch Lenovo computers out there, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a powerful machine that can handle heavy gaming or video editing, the Legion 7i is a great option. If you need a more affordable laptop capable of handling everyday tasks, the Ideapad S340 is a good choice. And if you want a 2-in-1 computer that can be used as both a laptop and a tablet, the Yoga C940 is a great option.

Whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a 14-inch Lenovo computer that’s right for you.

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If you are not convinced by the Lenovo performance mentioned above, you can also turn to the Asus brand for your 14-inch PC purchase.

ASUS, full name ASUSTeK Computer Inc., is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company that manufactures computer components, peripherals, tablets, cell phones, smart watches and monitors. It is particularly known for its laptops, which are recognized as high performance and solid for a long time. In particular, they have designed an Asus 14-inch PC that will meet all your needs.

ASUS was founded in 1989 by Ting-Ih Chen (CEO) and Ted Hsu (CTO). The company’s name comes from the phrase “Advanced Semiconductor Systems”.

The company was first known for its motherboards and graphics cards. In 2005, ASUS released the first netbook – Eee PC. It became an instant hit with over 200,000 units sold in less than six months.

Today, ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is the world’s 4th largest PC vendor and the leading manufacturer of desktop and notebook motherboards.

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