Volkswagen wants to launch a new ID.3 and an electric SUV in 2023

For Volkswagen, the year 2023 will be particularly marked by change: transfer of production of its electric vehicles to its Wolfsburg plant, development of two new ID.3 models and major update of the MEB platform.

Credits: Volkswagen

While Volkswagen just raised the prices in France of its most popular electric cars, the German brand made some big announcements. In fact, through two press releases, the manufacturer gave details of its strategy for the year 2023.

First of all, Volkswagen wants to offer a long career with the ID.3, its flagship electric city car. In fact, the manufacturer will present a new version of the ID.3 in the spring of 2023. If no engine changes are on the agenda, it is in terms of design, interior and equipment that the ID.3 will change.

volkswagen id.3 new
Credits: Volkswagen

A brand new ID.3 presented in March 2023

The new ID.3 reflects our commitment to quality, design and sustainability. The design has matured and we have improved the materials used in the cabin”. said Volkswagen Board Member Imelda Labbé. The manufacturer added that this new ID.3 will have the latest generation of software capable of receiving OTA updates. Standard equipment will also be improved and now included a 12-inch screen, a removable boot floor and a center console with two cup holders.

In addition, Volkswagen specified that the integration of Plug and Charge functions and the intelligent route planner for electric vehicles will make the charging experience simpler and more convenient. According to VWthe first improved ID.3 unit will be delivered around the 4th quarter of 2023. Note that these changes will apply to all city car models, even the ID.3 Pro Life, Business, Style, Max and Pro S Tour.

volkswagen id.3 new
Credits: Volkswagen

Volkswagen launched the MEB+ platform to reach 700 km of autonomy

But that’s not all. If the ID.3 is resistant, so is the MEB platform. Launched with the city car at the end of 2019, the manufacturer’s platform is equipped with more than 500,000 VW brand electric cars. gold, the company only showed the MEB+ platforman improved version of the first SEM of the name.

In SEM+, Volkswagen wants to compensate for the delay in the development of the SSP platform, which should represent the future of the group. “SEM still has great potential. Our ambition is to take this platform to the next level. To this end, we are making significant investments to advance this technology. The MEB+ platform puts us in a great position for the coming years”, assured Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen.

As specified by the manufacturer, this new version is erase some juvenile defects of the MEB platform starting with load powers. With MEB+, charging powers can range between 175 and 200 kWas the line of vehicles may approach the 700 km. And this is thanks to the inclusion of new prismatic batteries, lighter and more efficient.

volkswagen id.3 new
Credits: Volkswagen

A new SUV in the ID.3 range

Furthermore, the MEB+ platform should debut in a brand new electric SUV from the brand.This is the most buoyant segment currently in the market. It is precisely in this segment that the Tiguan is positioned, with undeniable success with the public. The new model will perfectly complement the offer of ID.4 and ID.5, models in demand”. said the boss.

Finally, to carry out all its projects, Volkswagen has confirmed a major investment of 460 million euros. This amount will mainly be used for move production of its future electric vehicles to the Wolfsburg plant, the manufacturer’s main site. This is where the new ID.3 and the SUV mentioned above will be made.

Volkswagen means electromobility for everyone. And Wolfsburg will be part of this success story. In our main plant alone, we will invest around 460 million euros in early 2025 to prepare the plant for the MEB […] At the same time, we are working closely together to bring another electric model based on the MEB+ to Wolfsburg (editor’s note: the popular SUV)” says Thomas Schäfer to his employees. As a reminder, Volkswagen plans to launch at least 10 new electric vehicles by 2026.

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