Volkswagen, Stellantis, BMW… caught up in the Uyghur scandal

“If you bought a car in the last five years, some of its parts were probably made by Uyghurs and others were forced to work” in China, says a study from the British University of Sheffield Hallam. Steel, aluminum, batteries, electronics. China gives them without a problem. At the price of forced labor of the Uighurs. It “significantly intervenes” in the supply chain of global car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, Ford and GM, Toyota and Honda, Stellantis in its brands Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep , underline the four authors of this study published on Tuesday, after six months of investigation.

The survey is part of a series of studies conducted by the university documenting the use of forced labor in Xinjiang in many industries, from PVC building materials to solar panels. The study specifically states that “the world’s largest producers of steel and aluminum have moved to the Uyghur region thanks to subsidies and incentives from the Chinese government”. Academics say they rely on sources such as company annual reports or websites, but also Chinese government guidelines and state media as well as customs records.

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