How I earn $2000 to $3000 a month on Fiverr

When I tell those around me that I’m making $2000-3000 a month on Fiverr, people are always both amazed and intrigued. We tend to think that it is a scam, that it is impossible to find a place there, even less to make a career out of it.

It’s not easy and no, it doesn’t happen overnight, but I can tell you it’s not a scam and it’s real! Since 2017 I have been making money on the Fiverr website and since the summer of 2021 I have been working there full time.

Originally, Fiverr was a site where services were offered for $5, hence the name. This site, initially designed to earn a little pocket, is now a place where you can make money. If it’s something you’re interested in, it won’t be child’s play, but with a little work, good ideas and patience, it’s possible to make a good profit from it!

The beginner’s guide

So, you decide to go for it. Where to start? Above all, it is important to understand how the platform works.

Unlike Upwork, another online freelance platform, it is not the customers who post their needs, but the workers who post their services. At Fiverr, we call this a gig, or service in French. A Fiverr seller can offer several services, depending on their level (more on that later). They are not necessarily related to each other.

After successfully creating your account, the first step is to create your first service. At first glance, creating your first service may seem very simple, but it is important to think carefully to optimize it properly. Often the hardest part on Fiverr is getting your first order. If your service is under the algorithm and no one sees it, you will never get that order.

First, you need to know what service you can provide. First, think about your education, what you do for a living. Is this a service you can offer? For example, if you studied graphic design or computer science, you will definitely be able to offer services related to your field. If not, think about your skills or your hobbies. To take myself as an example, I started on Fiverr using voiceovers (voices off). I have a good microphone at home, I’ve done a lot of theater, but I’ve never done a voice-over. I gave it a go and it worked quickly.

Once you have decided what your service will be, you will need to provide information about it: title, price, description, image, delivery time, among others.

It’s time to stand up

What I advise you most is to find a way to offer your services differently from others. Find services similar to what you offer on Fiverr. Do many people offer this type of service on the site? If not, you’re in luck! If this service is widely available, try to find out what is not offered and how your service might be different. There are hundreds of possibilities, but here are the ones that worked for me: offer a 24-hour delivery time and offer a special Quebec/French-Canadian service. At the time of listing, and even today, this market was very little tapped.

The reflex of many is to offer a lower price. This isn’t a bad idea in itself, especially at first, but I don’t believe it’s the best, especially if you’re in a hyper-competitive market. For example, if you work in graphic design, you are competing with people who live in countries where the cost of living is lower. So it will be very easy for some to offer very low prices while paying well. For us, it’s impossible to match. Instead, try to stand out by offering a unique service that no one else does.

Also note that Fiverr keeps 20% of your earnings.

You will need to create a service that looks very professional and the title clearly shows the element that sets you apart.

Diversify your Fiverr offers

When you open your Fiverr account, you can create up to seven services. Diversify your offer, create as many services as possible: you never know which one will attract the customer. When your account has certain ratings, your other services will also attract more people, because the ratings not only appear under the relevant service, but also on your profile. I started with a voice service off and one from the opera. There aren’t many opera deals on Fiverr, so that’s where I got my first orders. When I started translating, a slightly more competitive sector, I received orders faster because my account inspired trust. So a service you don’t like may still run you indirectly to one you do!

Fiverr and the Pro Option

If you have a degree related to what you offer on the site, ask about the Pro label. This lets customers know that you are a professional, that you are a reliable worker, and often allows the seller to sell their services at a higher price. Moreover, this label is highly valued by the algorithm, so it will help you get your first orders.

The Fiverr Success Ingredients

Now that you have done your services, you have to wait, because the first orders are hard to come by. It must be said that there is an element of luck, but it is possible to provoke it.

Fiverr’s algorithm is a mystery, but through my experience, I can share with you a few things that seem to put us in its good graces.

Visit the Fiverr site often

The more active time you spend on the site, the more Fiverr seems to improve your place in the algorithm, as if it understands that you are actually available for work.

Respond quickly to customers

Fiverr is very clear about this: it generates statistics on sellers, which are used to evaluate them. This includes the response rate. It is important to respond to customers in less than 24 hours. If you don’t have time to study the client’s request, still take the time to write to them so you can follow up on it later.

Treat your customers like royalty, especially with your first orders

It is very important that as many customers as possible leave positive feedback; the better you deal with them, the more likely you are to get a good review. Talk to each customer to fully understand their needs, deliver early if possible and don’t hesitate to correct your creations if they don’t suit them. The more customers you have, the harder it can be to do, but it’s especially important when starting out.

Keep good statistics on Fiverr to get a better level

On Fiverr, there are several levels of sellers, namely “New Provider”, “Level 1”, “Level 2” and “Top Provider”. These levels are calculated based on your statistics for responses, positive ratings, revenue and canceled orders. You benefit from having good statistics, as the algorithm is often more generous to top-level sellers.

Use the holiday option as little as possible

This option, although necessary and very useful, has a negative effect on your place in the algorithm. If you have to take a vacation, I advise you to extend your delivery hours and consult Fiverr once a day to respond to customers, even if it declines. This makes it possible not to get caught up in the beginning of your work that is just starting.

What income can I expect from Fiverr?

Again, patience is key. For my part, I started Fiverr in March 2017. I must say that I was lucky compared to many of my colleagues and my journey started well, but it took a long time before my income was high enough to mine is my full-time job.

I started the months with less than US$100, but my income soon grew, reaching almost US$600 in December. As a student at the time, I started raising my prices because I couldn’t keep up with demand.

The following year, I earned a total of US$7682 a year, which was a very good part-time salary. At that time, I was studying and working in fast food. I’m very busy and I can’t keep my response rate statistics high; So I had some changes in my income. Also, I don’t accept all orders, because I just don’t have time. If I had, at that time, worked full time and raised my prices instead of refusing orders, I could have made a higher profit; but I’m pretty passive on Fiverr and don’t change my services very often.

Fast forward to 2021. I just graduated from college. As an opera singer, I had to stop working several times this year for singing contracts where I didn’t have time to work. I still worked full time during the months of March, September and October. In June and August, I worked half a month.

With this type of profile, this number of ratings and all the time spent on this site, you can understand that working full time I can, realistically, earn more or less US$2300 per month , which is equivalent to about $2800 in Canadian money. . Working full time, I rarely make less than $2000 a month. I was able to increase my income by working more, but also by adjusting my prices to demand: when I couldn’t fulfill all the requested orders, I increased my prices. You also need to be careful not to do this too often, as you may lose long-time customers. Judgment is required to find what will offer you the most value.

The salary you can make may be higher, depending on your field. For my part, I earn mainly from translation. In translation, it is difficult to raise the price to a certain threshold, because it is easy for the customer to choose someone else. In creative circles, where people are in love with a particular style or skill, some clients are willing to pay more to get you in particular. Although these markets are more difficult to break into, there is a greater opportunity for profit.

By investing in yourself and taking the time to follow these tips carefully, I believe it is very possible to make money or earn extra money on Fiverr. My venture with Fiverr was far from perfect, I made many mistakes along the way, but I still found success there. That’s why I believe it’s accessible to anyone who makes the effort to try it.

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