Warranty, vehicle quality, delivery time… Renault is rated higher than Stellantis

Although the Manufacturers’ Love Rating collects the opinion of dealers, it includes questions of interest to consumers as well. Its 2022 edition suggests you risk being treated better with a Renault or Dacia than a Peugeot, Citroën or DS.

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In the 2022 Manufacturers’ Love Rating, Renault and its subsidiary Dacia achieve better overall results than the Stellantis group. Includes issues that also concern consumers.

The argument

When dealers are asked about the car brands they represent, the language of wood is not always appropriate. The 2022 builders’ love rating illustrates this perfectly. The sample of 368 concession managers interviewed for this survey conducted by Mobilians is sometimes very critical. Includes issues that affect buyers of new or used cars, such as meeting delivery times, warranty processing, availability of spare parts or the level of quality of vehicles supplied. From one theme to another, the results can be very variable. But a general trend emerges despite everything if we limit ourselves to French brands. While Renault and its subsidiary Dacia seem to be making progress, Peugeot, Citroën and DS are being judged more harshly. This testifies to a growing dissatisfaction between the Stellantis team and its network, which risks causing inconvenience for customers.

Warranty is well treated by Renault and Dacia

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If you need to enforce the manufacturer’s warranty, Renault may treat you better than its French competitors.

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In guarantee treatment, Diamond is rather at the top of the table. Its Romanian subsidiary Dacia even occupies a good 6e place with a score of 7/10, just ahead of the parent company and its 6.94/10. The results are better than the 5.78/10 and 5.65/10 obtained by the two brands in 2021. Peugeot, Citroën and DS also did better than last year. But they started so low that they stay far away from their competitor. Leo is 15e with 5.65/10, Chevrons are only 20e with 4.8/10 and DS is 21e with 4.29/10.

This is all the more unfortunate as the Stellantis group is far from always delivering flawless new cars, according to dealers. In this item, Citroën finishes at 24e out of 28 manufacturers, Peugeot is 25e and DS find himself penultimate. Despite the modest 17e in the area, Renault is therefore still ahead, as is Dacia, which climbed to 12e rank. The price-quality ratio is also considered more favorable to Losange than to its rival.

Delivery deadlines are not respected

If there’s one issue that’s attracting interest right now, it’s delivery times. It is hard to ignore that they are too long for almost everyone these days, due to the semiconductor crisis and other factors. The average score of 4.07/10 clearly reflects this tense situation. But in this area, the Renault group is again considered more reliable than its opponent.

Dacia is ranked 13the just in front of its owner, while the Citroën and Peugeot passed near the red lantern: they were 25 respectively.e and 26e. DS is halfway there, with 19e position. Only with the availability and delivery time of spare parts does Stellantis reverse the trend.

Even Peugeot only finished 18eit is better than Dacia, 20eor that Renault, 22e. Know that Citroën 21 is heree and DS 23e. On the other hand, when we talk about the price positioning of these parts, Renault and Dacia are again ahead.

An observation that holds true for the entire Stelantis group

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The other Stellantis labels are by no means better than Citroën, DS or Peugeot.  Alfa Romeo is even last in the 2022 Manufacturers' Love Rating.

The other Stellantis labels are by no means better than Citroën, DS or Peugeot. Alfa Romeo is even last in the 2022 Manufacturers’ Love Rating.

The argument

The observation is therefore final, and remains valid by looking at other Stellantis brands distributed in France. Opel, which is part of the PSA group along with Peugeot, Citroën and DS, or Jeep, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, formerly owned by Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), are not getting good results. Overall, in this 2022 Constructors’ Love Rating, Peugeot only scored 16.ewhile Opel is 20eFiat 23eJeep 24eCitroën 25eand DS 26e. With a score of 3.7/10, Alfa Romeo still has the sad honor of bringing up the rear. A situation that is perhaps partly explained by Stellantis’ desire to review its distribution contracts and to favor online sales more.

Renault has shown itself to be more careful on these subjects, and is now reaping the rewards. Thanks to the good marks awarded by his dealers, he finished 5e basically, when he was only 11e in 2021, and Dacia also collected a good 7e square. A situation that does not directly affect the business of the group’s customers… although the manufacturer’s sales in Losange remain clearly lower at the moment than Peugeot’s sales in France.


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