how to buy social media memorabilia at auction

From vegetable drying racks to stationary bikes with laptop tables built into the handlebars, the company’s items will be available for purchase in January. There are also large installations representing the company’s symbol.

It looks like a preventive seizure disguised as an auction. Elon Musk inaugurated a Twitter Out of Everything. Blue bird statues, vegetable drying racks, pizza ovens, and who wouldn’t want an @ sign sculpture in their living room that doubles as a planter when needed. All of this and more will be available for purchase at an auction scheduled for January 17, 2023. The items are listed on the BidSpotter online site with the following description: “Twitter Surplus Corporate Office Resources Online Auction”, the opening hours prices start at $25.

Today, it is not clear if the auction represents an economic maneuver to remove anything that can be removed, or a mirror for the ‘little bird’, an attempt to distract from Elon’s bad impression. Musk (from layoffs, to lack of Twitter moderation) . There are also those who try to sell it at auction like others. Despite the company’s problems.

How the Twitter Item Auction Works

The auction will begin on January 17, 2023 at 7 am (San Francisco time) and end on January 18, 2023 at 10 am, the BidSpotter site explains. According to online advertisements, payments can only be made by bank transfer. The hundred items will be auctioned by Heritage Global Partners and represent Silicon Valley office life, consisting of on-site massages, dry cleaners, gyms next to offices and restaurants with a view.

On the other hand, we know that the battle of technology companies to get the best talent has also taken place in the field of services offered to the staff. So it’s no surprise that Elon Musk auctioned stationary exercise bikes with laptop tables on handlebars.

Why sell everything?

The auction comes at a suspicious time. After buying the platform for $44 billion, Twitter CEO Elon Musk cut all possible costs, from infrastructure budgets to employee services, such as home Wi-Fi or severance pay. shift. He also laid off more than 3,000 workers in November and warned survivors that hardcore work mode would begin then. Now, the January auction appears to be a lifeboat, but Nick Dove, a representative of Heritage Global Partners who managed the auction, denied it all in an interview with Fortune saying “this auction has nothing to do with their financial situation .

“They sold $44 billion and we’re putting some chairs, tables and computers online. So if anyone thinks that the income from the sale of some computers and chairs will pay the mountain there, then that is a fool,” he said. He also mentioned other auctions of the company for clients like Pfizer, Honeywell, Harley-Davidson.and Adidas, but perhaps Nik Dove forgot that a shoe sold for a million dollars at an Adidas auction.

What is possible to buy?

Just scroll down the BidSpotter page to find bikes with built-in phone chargers, a Twitter Bird statue, and a six-foot tall “@” statue. There is also a La Marzocco Strada 3EE semi-automatic espresso machine, a Google digital whiteboard, a monitor and PC, a swivel office chair, and a sewing machine. In fact, at the Twitter auction, ten hyper-equipped kitchens can be built from scratch. There are beer dispensers, ice makers, at least four different models of refrigerators, vegetable dryers and ovens of all sizes, even one for making pizza.

The most expensive blue check for iPhone

The platform also launched the blue Twitter, or paid tick which, inexplicably, is more expensive for Apple users. In fact, they have to pay 11 dollars per month, three more than the standard rate. Twitter did not explain the difference in treatment, but Musk in a series of tweets in November pointed the finger at Apple for threats to block Twitter from the App Store. Anyway, a feud that lasted for days. After meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, he tweeted that the dispute had been resolved. Musk also explained that the paid service will serve to reduce reliance on advertising. In reality, advertising revenue is what is fleeing Twitter. There has actually been a significant drop in revenue as advertisers quit the platform due to content moderation concerns.

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