Elon Musk says ex-FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s actual financial support for the Democratic Party is likely more than $1 billion

Among the billions of dollars missing from bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, Twitter CEO Elon Musk reckons former crypto trading platform CEO Sam Bankman-Fried should have donated more than $1 billion in support of the Democratic Party American.

The Tesla CEO responded to a user on Twitter who mentioned that Sam Bankman-Fried is still not in jail because of the $40 million that the former CEO of FTX officially spent in support of various Democratic Party politicians.

“SBF donating $40 million to keep them out of jail for stealing over $10 billion is one of the highest ROI trades of all time,” said the Twitter user.

“That’s the only publicly disclosed number. His actual support in the Democratic election is likely more than $1 billion. Where did the money go, so where did it go?? Elon Musk said.

For Elon Musk, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) officially declared only a small part of the money actually paid to some members of the Democratic Party, the current investigation of FTX accounts may one day allow to know the truth about it.

L’The ex-CEO of FTX was actually accused of embezzling billions of dollars from client funds of crypto exchanges.
A Sam Bankman-Fried, who is now referred to as a “thief” or “Bernie Madoff of cryptos”, who nevertheless declared that he did not know that the funds of FTX clients were used by the company he ran…

The same is true of the sister company Research in AlamedaThe former FTX executive said he was unaware of the actions of this company led by his ex-girlfriend, Caroline Ellison, who is currently in New York according to photos published on Twitter.

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In certain transactions involving Alameda Research and FTX, the Financial Times particularly highlighted a suspicious $1 billion loss for FTX in 2021 caused by the falling price of MobileCoin, a relatively obscure cryptocurrency.
FTX actually suffered a large loss related to a leveraged transaction by a client who speculated on the price of MobileCoin rising from $6 to $70 in April 2021, and falling just as quickly thereafter.

A billion dollar loss was mysteriously covered in FTX by Alameda Research as Sam Bankman-Fried recently said in several interviews that he had no knowledge of what was going on in Alameda.

The loss of one billion dollars correctly reflects the statements of Elon Musk who believes that this may be the true value of the financial support from Sam Bankman-Fried to the American Democratic Party.

Let’s remember that in passingElon Musk, CEO of Tesla, publicly supports the Republican Party.
He recently said that he would prefer Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to be the Republican Party’s final candidate for the next US presidential election in 2024.
Elon Musk has further reinstated Donald Trump’s Twitter account which was banned from the social network in January 2021 shortly after his supporters stormed the Capitol.

Last May, we mentioned in an article the statements of the former CEO of FTX who said himself willing to spend up to $1 billion to prevent Donald Trump from winning in 2024click here to read our article.

Meanwhile, new FTX CEO John Ray III, who is in charge of taking over the bankrupt crypto exchange, continues his investigation to determine where the billions of customer dollars allegedly used by Sam Bankman-Fried actually went.

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