Anthony Davis on another planet!

As every week, Westport reviews the past week in the NBA, including the delights and disappointments. This week, it’s the return of Anthony Davis to the front! The Lakers have the LA franchise on their shoulders to get back into the race for the playoffs. Back to week 7 of NBA competition.

NBA: the hierarchy is made in the East, in the West the reaction of the Lakers

The positions are starting to freeze for the top 4 in the East. Best team in the entire NBA, the Boston Celtics (19-5) continue their merry way still in the condition of their duo Jayson TatumJaylen Brown (almost 58 points scored on average), followed closely by the 2021 NBA champions, the Milwaukee Bucks (16-6) of Giannis Antetokounmpo which saw the return of Chris Middleton in the workforce, 7 months after injury. At the back of Cleveland Cavaliers held on as long as they could (15-9). Donovan Mitchell (28.4 pts) and Darius Garland (22.2 pts) who continue to learn to live together. In the Basques of the Cavs, the Atlanta Hawks (13-10) of Trae Yoong who are still looking for consistency, especially in their bases. If these 4 teams have been in the top 4 for a few weeks, behind it is still cacophony, with performances that are still lacking in the future, such as the Brooklyn Nets who are somewhat back in the race (13-12) or Toronto Raptors (12-11) of a surprising OGAnunoby (19.3 pts average, candidate for the best development of the year) who is difficult to handle at home but is in big trouble outside of Canada. Therefore it is a great battle that shows itself in the Eastern Conference behind the 2 favorites.

In the Western conference, one team does better, even if it starts very far, the Los Angeles Lakers (10-12)! And it’s thanks to Lebron James? No sir, thanks for returning to the top of the posterAnthony Davis, on another planet for 10 days now. Author of a stratospheric last week (see below), Unibrow put the Lakers back in the Play-in race. Currently at 12th in place, the Angelinos can take advantage of the density of the Western Conference to slip through the peloton and thus hope to get back on the right road for sure. Because if the Phoenix Suns seems to be on top in this conference (16-7), the chasers behind the Arizona franchise have lacked consistency despite good performances, such as New Orleans Pelicans (15-8) who just chained 4 consecutive victories with a Zion Williamson still as explosive (23.6 pts, 7.1 rebounds and 4.3 assists). With a Western conference still open, all games remain over!

Washington, Spurs magic tricks no longer work in Wembanyama mode

The capital of the United States is still looking for an NBA team capable of aiming high! In a beautiful trio consisting of Bradley Beal, Kristaps Porzingis and Kyle Kuzmathey washington wizards (11-13) could legitimately be a contender for the play-offs. But with 3 wins in the last 10 meetings, including a 3-game losing streak, the Wizards didn’t respond. In a defense with absent subscribers (more than 123 pts conceded in the last 5 games), it’s hard to hope for something.

In the West, on the other hand, a team is good at what it does, the San Antonio Spurs. After a decent start to the season (6 wins in 13 games), the Texans have only suffered an 11 game losing streak! The men of Greg Popovich still trying to play good basketball (nearly 28 assists per game), but lacks talent. Heralded as a season of transition and rebuilding, the Spurs aim for just one thing, Victor Wembanyama !

NBA Player of the Week: Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers)

It’s hard to find a better player than thatAnthony Davis last week (or even within two weeks). The inside of Lakers looking for the talent that made him the most dominant 4 position in the entire NBA. Often injured, lacking character or aggressiveness, Unibrow has become a completely different player in a matter of weeks. The damage of lebron james He probably made it clear that he is the boss of LA and for the Lakers to regain the upper hand, he has to lead! In 42 pts, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks average last week, Anthony Davis is our MVP of the week!

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