the 10 most anticipated novelties in 2023

If we talk a lot about electric, the hybrid is far from saying its last word. Several new models equipped with this type of engine are planned for next year. Here are ten important things, which have not yet been revealed.

Audi A4

We almost forgot the A4, which was hidden by the brand’s SUVs, but also the A5 Sportback. And if we leave aside the A1 and Q2 city cars, it’s also the only Audi model that doesn’t offer electrified engines, which doesn’t really help these days! A deficiency that will be corrected by the new generation, several development prototypes have been immortalized in recent months. We can guess through the camouflage a more dynamic silhouette, which suggests that this A4 can also replace the A5 Sportback. If Audi has not mentioned a 100% electric A4, the car will therefore bet first on the rechargeable hybrid.

Dacia Duster

Launched at the end of 2017, the current Duster will retire at the end of 2023. The reason? Dacia accelerated the renewal to move the model to the modern CMF-B platform, which the Sandero already uses. This will notably allow the Duster to offer a simple hybrid engine. Thus, the manufacturer will destroy the price in the compact SUV market with this type of engine. Except for the surprise, the technical range will be the same as that of the Hybrid Jogger (launched in early 2023), and therefore largely derived from the Clio E-Tech. The Duster will take advantage of this generation change to take a closer look at its design, with a more angular look revealed by the Bigster concept. (photo in One).

Honda ZR-V

In 2023, Honda will launch two new hybrid SUVs. There will be a sixth generation CR-V, with a big evolution: the choice between a simple hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. And while the model is getting big (4.70 meters), Honda thinks there is now room for an additional model that fills the gap between the HR-V and CR-V. This will be the ZR-V. If the European version has not yet been shown, the car has already been launched in other continents, so we know the basis of the appearance. The ZR-V plays the compact crossover card, we can also see it as a Civic high on wheels. The model should continue the simple hybrid set of 184 hp.

Hyundai Kona

Here is a model that is already on our list of the most anticipated electric cars of 2023! But like the current one, the next Kona will also offer a simple hybrid, a solution popular with many customers. The power will not change, it does not move with its technical cousin Kia Niro, which was renewed at the beginning of 2022. That is, the set of gasoline and electricity will generate 141 hp. On the other hand, Hyundai will still venture in terms of style! But it succeeded, as evidenced by the success of the first Kona or the current Tucson. The front face will for example be crossed by a thick light bar. Prototypes teased for a few months, the Kona 2 should be ready in early 2023.

Porsche 911

After years of rumours, this time was right. The 911 will dare hybridization, the very first step of an important electrification. This hybrid variant should arrive during the restyling of the 992. If the boss of the brand ended up confirming the existence of the project (early 2022), he kept the technical configuration secret. Still time for prediction. We imagine the car won’t offer the popular flat-six for the base. But will it be the simplified hybrid or the rechargeable one with a small battery, like the Ferrari 296 GTB?

Renault Espace

The current Espace is taken from the air by a crossover, the next one is actually an SUV, minivans are no longer fashionable at all. The model mentioned here will also replace the Koleos, but Renault doesn’t want to give up a more iconic name. Size difference compared to the Koleos: the newcomer can carry 7 people. However, the car will not be completely new: it is an extended Austral. Does this remind you of anything? Yes, Peugeot’s strategy for its 3008/5008 duo! The base is the Austral (photo), we will see the new simple hybrid engines of 160 and 200 hp. But this Espace should also have a plug-in hybrid offer, with Renault announcing last year the development of a 280 hp plug-in four-wheel drive unit.

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Skoda is very good

Skoda is one of the few generalist manufacturers that still manages to sell sedans! Therefore, the brand does not leave this niche and is preparing an all-new Superb for 2023. The base will also serve as a replacement for the Passat, which will improve the profitability of the project. Thus, Skoda will be able to maintain the attractive price positioning of its model, one of the keys to success in attracting professional customers. As in the current generation, we will see the rechargeable hybrid, perhaps with the two powers known in the other models of the group, 204 and 245 hp.

Suzuki Swift

It may be called Swift Hybrid, the current city car from Suzuki is satisfied with a light hybridization with a limited effect on reducing consumption. But the new generation is expected to have “true” hybridization, that is, the electric block will be able to move the car over short distances. According to Autocar media in India, the Swift should have a hybrid package derived from the Toyota Yaris. On the appearance side, the brand will once again play the evolution card, an understandable precaution since the Swift was a great success in Europe, and particularly in France. However, we were hoping for a more polished interior presentation.

Toyota C-HR

With the C-HR, Toyota bet on aesthetic originality. A winning bet, the model may have a divisive design, but it is successful. It is well helped all the same by its simple hybrid engine. The bold look and hybridization cocktail will be the same for the second generation, which should appear in the second half of 2023. The new C-HR will retain its false coupé airs and its rough cut lines. In the gut, we should find the engine developments seen in the Corolla, with two variants of 140 and 196 hp that promise more natural accelerations. In the compact, the lithium-ion battery is both more powerful and smaller.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Busy year 2023 for Volkswagen, which will renew two pillars of its range: the Passat and the Tiguan. The most important is obviously the compact SUV, which has become the best selling VW in the world! The model already exists in the rechargeable hybrid, the next one will of course keep this offer. VW is also expected to offer a choice of plug-in powers, with the current only offering a 245hp version. If the design will not be original, that Tiguan, we will see the change especially in the front. The grill will be really refined, to make room for a large mouth on the shield. Shapely shoulders will bring muscle to the silhouette.

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