I tried for you: buying drugs via Twitter (and nothing went according to plan)

Very quickly, a relationship of trust was established between Arnold and me. (©DR)

[Cet article est écrit à la première personne pour vous retransmettre le plus fidèlement possible l’expérience vécue par notre journaliste. Bonne lecture !]

Since I arrived as a journalist in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) at the beginning of 2021, this happened to me on several occasions, and while I was doing my “watching” on social networks, to see Twitterto users who offer dope.

Curious by nature, I always wondered if they were real ads. So I want to try. And nothing went according to plan.

My playground: Twitter, Snapchat and Telegram

It all started on Twitter, therefore, where it is common to see users offering “grass” (understand: magic grass) in Strasbourg or any other city, for that matter.

Example of ads regularly seen on Twitter
Example of ads regularly seen on Twitter (©DR)

After contacting one of them – whose nickname I have forgotten – he gives me the contact Snapchat which in turn gives me contact Telegram, a messaging app. And from here the magic happens.

Arnold sent me the menu, I just had to shop

My contact is Arnold. I asked him if he had any weed. The latter, being a good professional, sends me a menu consisting of different types of cannabis and even offers me cocaine. I just need to go shopping.

Shy – this is the first time, he and I – I ask him a small €25 worth of weed where, in general, this type of order is not made below €50. We agree on 20 € for 2 grams of ” sour diesel »one of the types of cannabis.

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When Transcash ruined everything

As we revolve around perfect love, a certain ” Transcash came to sow trouble in our relationship. Transcash is the way Arnold wants me to pay him my €20. Although I was naive, I thought that the exchange of goods would take place on the street or in a park.

But no: Arnold asks me to go to a tobacco shop to buy a Transcash ticket, a kind of prepaid card where I can put the amount I want, here €20.

Photo of my Transcash ticket (no need to bother trying the code, it is obviously no longer valid).
Photo of my Transcash ticket (no need to bother trying the code, it is obviously no longer valid). (©DR)

Arnold is now asking me to send him a photo of the Transcash ticket, as proof of my good faith. I ran away taking care to hide the code to complete the transaction. Suddenly, Arnold started talking to me like he never did before…

When I refuse to send him my Transcash code, Arnold starts to suffocate and blush
When I refuse to send him my Transcash code, Arnold starts to suffocate and blush (©DR)

You fear delivery times

Well, from that moment, I understood well that it was a Iscam. But, from a purely journalistic point of view, I have to do everything to prove it. So I gave up and sent him my Transcash code.

And there – oh strange!! – He only has €50 left in his pouch to deliver to me. No big deal, I told him, cut it in half and give me half! But that operation seems too complicated for my poor Arnold.

Arnold knows how to tie a shoe but doesn't know how to split it in two.
Arnold knows how to tie a shoe but doesn’t know how to split it in two. (©DR)

Arnold asks me to come back to him in December when we are… early October! Of the delivery delay you are afraid, as the children say.

Wish-worthy delivery times.
Wish-worthy delivery times. (©DR)

Hey Arnold! Hey…?

Well, except for the fact that I’m really annoyed because, journalistically speaking, it’s always complicated for me to write this black and white scam, as long as I don’t have proof that I didn’t receive what was originally promised. So I left to put my opponent for the Albert London prize on stand-by for at least two months.

And here we are at the beginning of December. I went back as agreed with Arnold and, oh surpriiiiiiiiiiise, there it was again, he didn’t have my 20€ weed.

It was a bit teasing, so I decided to play a little by putting pressure on her. Soon after, Arnold deleted our Telegram conversation and our union was gone, like my 20 bullets.

PS: dad, mom, don’t worry, I’m not a drug user.

PPS: the use of narcotics is a offense. “He can be punished by paying a fixed fine”, recalls the site service-public.fr.

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