After the Dacia Spring, the prices of Renault’s electric city cars are also increasing

Renault is strongly increasing the prices of its electric Zoé and Twingo, which will then take more than 1,000 euros at once. The diamond brand follows in the footsteps of Dacia, which also changed its Spring price a few weeks ago.

The Renault Twingo Electric // Source: Jean-Brice Lemal for Renault France

If sales of new cars start to rise again slowly, while electric models undermine diesels, the situation remains difficult for the automotive industry. In addition to the shortage of semiconductors, which is starting slowly, however, manufacturers must also face rising prices of raw materials. So the forecasts are for a sharp increase in customers in the next few months.

A real spark at Renault

But in reality, it has already started, as many car brands have already revised the prices of their cars upwards. Starting with Dacia, which has increased the prices of all models in its range. Since November 3, the Sandero has actually gained 500 euros, while the Spring has seen its entry ticket soar by 1,000 euros. As a result, the electric city car is now on display from 20,800 euros, against 16,990 euros when it was launched in the spring of 2021.

But the low-cost company is not the only one that needs to apply an increase to its models, as it is also the case for Renault. The manufacturer with the diamond actually comes from all judgment from check the price list of some of its models. And it can hurt a lot. Because after the Mégane E-Tech, which sees its range go up by 1,800 euros to start at 39,000 euros, it’s the turn of two other city cars in the range to take the same turn.

Quietly, Renault has increased the prices of its Zoé and its Twingo E-Tech and you only have to look at its site to realize it. The first, which is slowly starting to reach the end of its life after ten years of service and more than 200,000 copies sold, sees its entry ticket increase by 1,400 euros. As a result, it starts at 35,100 euros, against 32,100 euros at the moment.

Note that the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros is not deducted from the advertised price here. This makes it possible to increase the Renault Zoé to 29,100 euros, only until the end of the year. Because from 2023, the amount of state aid will be reduced and will be limited to 5,000 euros. Only a few moderate households will benefit from the increase to 7,000 euros, the conditions of which the government has not yet detailed.

Also Twingo

However, it should not be forgotten that Renault dropped the price of its Zoé by 500 euros in January, from 32,500 euros to 32,000 euros, not deducting the bonus. The aim was to create a bigger gap with the Mégane E-Tech, which started at 35,200 euros at the time. The Renault Twingo won’t be beaten either, as it too is undergoing a nice hike in its price and towards the end of the year.

The city car takes 1,200 euros at once, increasing its entry ticket to the Authentic finish from 24,050 euros to 25,250 euros. Again, the ecological bonus is not deducted, making the star of the brand accessible from 19,250 euros. However, this new price should benefit the Dacia Spring, which remains more affordable than its diamond rival. Especially since it’s original shown at 21,950 euros !

If the price of new cars therefore tends to increase over time, like the Peugeot e-208, which now starts at 33,400 euros, there are solutions to limit the increase. And above all, for electric cars to achieve parity with electric models. According to Renault boss Luca de Meo, this will include the adoption of smaller batteries.

In fact, if the cost of their production has been falling for many years, from 1,200 dollars per kWh in 2010 to 132 dollars currently, it still remains high. The development of a network of charging stations and the reduction of the time required to fill the batteries should also help brands move in this direction.

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