do you know the story of the blue “French Racing”?

How familiar are you with the history of Bugatti? Let’s discover the origin of this “French Racing Blue” color, which has been passed down to posterity as the universal emblem of the Molsheim brand.

“The blue representative of French motor racing or ‘French Racing Blue’ is synonymous with passion, success in the field of motorsport and patriotism”Explain Achim AnscheidtDesign Director at Bugatti.

“Early French racing cars, including many Bugatti models such as the Type 35, were painted in a vibrant blue that was instantly recognizable to onlookers, even as these racers roared at more than 100mph in front of their eyes. “

A blue inspired by “Gauloises” cigarettes?

This color has changed over the years, in the same way as Bugatti signature cars. According to legend, Ettore Bugatti’s wife Barbara loved to smoke “Gauloises” cigarettesand that their light blue packaging inspired the first shade of French Racing Blue.

The Bugattis early 1920s wore a shade of blue lslightly turquoise which then became a more saturated blue. In the 1930s, during the time of Jean Bugatti, the use of two shades became very famous in both passenger cars and racing cars, making the association of vibrant blue and light turquoise blue the sign of the Type 57 Tank, winner of Le Mans.

It was during this time brand identity based on the use of two colors for the bodywork, which is still at the heart of Bugatti’s design DNA today, was born. “Bugatti cars and blue in all its colors are so closely related that over time, French racing blue or ‘French Racing Blue’ gradually became ‘Bugatti Blue'”continued Anscheidt.

Bugatti Veyron: a new blue for rebirth

When Bugatti reinvented itself with the arrival of the Veyron in the early 2000s, the design team set out to find a new ‘Blue Bugatti’. In 2007, Bugatti released its new color interpretations to celebrate the brand revitalization under the aegis of Volkswagen. A warmer blue, a cooler blue, a neutral blue and a carbon blue, are defined.

The creative process is the result of hundreds of hours of research. Thanks to the real models of first Bugattispresented to Pebble Beach or to Villa d’Esteit is possible to handle it original paint samples. These colors then had to be reworked to match current quality standards.

“The first paintings were often made from what the craftsmen had on hand,” explained Anscheidt.“They no longer meet today’s standards and we cannot use the original paints today. Now we have to create something timeless that reflects the lines and style of classic and modern Bugattis. »

Bugatti-Rimac: reinventing brand identity

In modern Bugattis, the use of French Racing Blue not limited to bodywork. Of the intricate stitching dress the inner leathers and a process ofaluminum anodizing are used for surfaces. The creation of a blue anodized aluminumfor example, is very complicated, especially when the shade of blue has to be the same on all parts of the car.

While Bugatti is now writing a new page in its history with the alliance Bugatti Rimacthe latest reinterpretation of the famous blue and the meaning of a new ‘Blue Bugatti’ are already part of the essential elements of future brand identity.

“It is important for us now to review every aspect of our design, engineering and production phases,” concluded Anscheidt. “Of course, we work according to Bugatti’s core principles of speed, luxury, beauty and innovation, but we also pay more attention to maintenance than ever. And the creation of a new ‘French Racing Blue’ dedicated to maintenance is already underway. »

“We examine all our processes, from beginning to end, and reexamine all our materials. We have to think about how we harvest wool or create textiles and what is considered a noble material. »

“For example, if we go back to the past, we realize that the drivers sat on leather, this material was not considered luxurious at the time, while the members of the nobility, they sat on silk and other precious fabrics . Today is something that reminds us of the dawn of a new era for Bugatti. »

Source: Bugatti

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