Scout, the Volkswagen brand that makes excellent electric 4x4s, shows a little more

Volkswagen, through its Scout Motors brand, has unveiled the first teaser image of its future electric 4×4. It should launch in 2026 in the United States, and possibly in Europe.

Article updated on November 16, 2022 : That’s it, the tease of the future 4×4 of Scout Motors, the American brand of Volkswagen has started with this photo published by the German group. We can see the silhouette of an SUV, of the 4×4 type with wheels off-road and very high ground clearance. Other than that, no other details have come out, so we’ll have to be patient. The launch is not expected before 2026 in the United States, with a pickup.

Original article from July 25, 2022 : At Volkswagen, the boss of the American branch of the group is just leading the Scout, the new brand of the German manufacturer that specializes in good SUVs (rugged) and electric pick-ups. Here’s everything you need to know.

Scout: this name might ring a bell if you’ve been following automotive news for decades. In fact, the brand was already present in the United States, from the 60s to the 80s with the legendary Scout from the manufacturer International Harvester. And it is certainly this brand that Volkswagen will relaunch, first in the United States, to compete with Rivian (with its R1T and R1S) or even GM (with its Hummer EV) with 100% electric vehicles. And the teasing has begun.

In a video published earlier by Volkswagen, we can see an original Scout II, with a large 5.6-liter combustion engine, its 150 horsepower and 360 newton meters of torque. 4×4 indulges in some crossing around the German group’s headquarters. If we go by the photos of the old Scout II and the sketches published by Volkswagen a few months ago, we imagine without much difficulty that the future electric cars of the brand will take many design elements of Scout of the 70s.

The sketches published by Volkswagen

The first two models are expected for 2026, in the United States. It will be a solid SUV (rugged SUV), accompanied by its pick-up variant. The first may overshadow Jeep, while the second may compete directly with Tesla with its Cybertruck and other American manufacturers that have already marketed this type of vehicle, such as Rivian and GM.

A shoe size to lead the Scout

Last week, another piece of news reached us from across the Atlantic: the boss of the American Volkswagen group, Scott Keogh, left his duties to devote himself to the development of the Scout brand. The information reflects the importance of this brand for the German group, taking advantage of it to create a dedicated company, in the form of a subsidiary, so that it is not confined to a simple set.

It should be noted, moreover, that Volkswagen recently acquired the rights to use the Scout brand and more precisely in 2020, during the acquisition of Navistar International, an American manufacturer of semi-trailers. What else is coming to compete with Tesla and its Semi?

Scott Keogh, Scout’s new boss

According to wall street journal, the Scout brand plans to produce 250,000 SUVs and pickups each year. That’s huge, compared, for example, to the small million electric vehicles produced each year by Tesla or Volkswagen’s 8.6 million vehicles (all engines and segments combined) by 2021 worldwide.

Volkswagen hopes that the new Scout brand will allow the German group to take additional market share in the United States in these two segments that are very popular with Americans. If Volkswagen sells a lot of cars worldwide, it is second only to the United States with less than 5% market share, but with 8% market share in the 100% electric market, just behind Tesla. .

Now all we have to do is wait for Scout to show its first two electric cars and Volkswagen should continue with the teaser in 2026. We also wonder if the brand will be imported into Europe, which is likely because the borders of geographic locations in the automotive industry is increasingly invisible to many makes and models that are no longer confined to their home market. We just hope these two vehicles are less greedy for electrons than the Hummer EV.

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