Star Academy – Yanis Marshall’s (i)conical outfit for the final is controversial on Twitter

This Saturday night, on the occasion of the final of “Star Academy”, the appearance of Yanis Marshall caused a heated debate on social networks. (TF1 screenshot)

The climax. This Saturday night, after six weeks of adventure, Enola, Anisha, Léa and Louis lived their last bonus in the final of “Star Academy” broadcast on TF1 and hosted by Nikos Aliagas. The students, who left the famous castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys last Thursday to ensure the rehearsals, follow the performances to give their best to win the title of big winner of the game . On the occasion of this extraordinary night, a professor bursts onto the screen: Yanis Marshall. The show’s dancer and choreographer switched up her hair color and gave a nod to Madonna by wearing a tapered top. An outfit that sparked a heated discussion on Twitter…

That’s it. This Saturday night, TF1 viewers will discover the big winner of “Star Academy”. After six weeks of competition, Anisha, Léa, Enola and Louis secure their last bonus in the final, hosted by Nikos Aliagas. The final started at 10 pm and not 9 pm as usual due to the broadcast of the Football World Cup and the match between Argentina and Mexico.

Last Thursday marked the last day of life for the students in the mythical castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys. The finalists really packed their bags at the beginning of the night to ensure that the rehearsals planned in Paris for the grand finale broadcast tonight, live, on TF1. A last day in the castle full of emotions: the faithful of the day will remember especially the tears of Adeline Toniutti, the singing teacher, in front of her students, as she gives her last lesson in their company. But let fans rest assured: “Star Academy” is coming back for a new, longer season in 2023! And, at that time, as revealed by Le Parisien, the faithful of the show will have the opportunity to visit the castle during the next Christmas holidays. What to wait until next season!

But tonight, the audience has only one question on their minds: who from Enola, Léa, Anisha or Louis will win the title of big winner? Expect an answer tonight. For this unprecedented night, the show is given from a larger than usual stage: studio 217, the historic studio of the Star Academy and, incidentally, one of the largest studios in Europe. As for the rules, this final is done in two stages. As announced earlier in the week by Lucie Bernardoni and Marlène Schaff, repeaters of the program, if the public is really the master of the game, the final choice will be between only two candidates. So, when the students first came out on stage, they faced a four-way battle to Whitney Houston’s hit, “I wanna dance with somebody”. Then they sang in a duet with an artist (Anisha with Soprano, Enola with Nolwenn Leroy, Léa with Lara Fabian and Louis with Christophe Maé). After this first part, the public has to vote to choose its last two finalists: Enola and Anisha. Alternatively, the final duet will sing solo then duet with Robbie Williams, this season’s godfather. Nikos Aliagas will finally announce the name of the big winner who will win 100,000 euros, a contract for an album with Sony record company and the possibility to perform his very first title live.

VIDEO – Discover the Minute by Nikos Aliagas

“It’s a tribute to Madonna, her idol!”

On the occasion of this last night, all the personalities of this 2022 season, students and teachers, especially Laure Balon, teacher of beautiful expression, Adeline Toniutti, singing teacher, Pierre de Brauer, theater teacher, Joël Bouraïma, sports teacher and Yanis Marshall, dance teacher. The latter presented a new look for the final: blonde dye and conical outfit reminiscent of the top designed by the enfant terrible of fashion, Jean-Paul Gaultier, for the singer Madonna. A look that sparked a heated debate on Twitter. If some Internet users were too critical of this choice of clothing, other tweeters defended the dance teacher, denouncing the homophobic nature of some messages …

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