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Instant electronic signatures enable customers to streamline contract workflows, ensure compliance and lower transaction costs

M-Files, a global leader in information management, today announced that it has deepened its integration with Adobe so that Adobe Acrobat Sign, the market-leading electronic document signing solution on the Adobe Document Cloud, is directly can be used in metadata-based document management. platform from M-Files.

This deep integration gives customers direct access to the solution for instant, automated signatures without having to purchase and deploy it separately from Adobe. The new M-Files for Adobe Acrobat Sign E-Signature Package, uses webhooks technology for real-time updates of the signing process between M-Files and Adobe, furthering the mission of M -Files to deliver a better customer experience and higher quality work for less. danger.

“Legal electronic signatures are no longer a luxury, but a necessity of today’s rapidly changing business environment,” said Mika Turunen, Senior Vice President, Product and Engineering, M-Files. “Businesses need to stay efficient no matter where their people are or where their information is stored – and the ability to transact remotely in real time is more important than ever. Our deepening integration with Adobe, a market leader in e-signature solutions, provides customers with complete document management automation and provides them with the e-signature features they need to increase satisfaction , increase productivity and ensure compliance. ”

Document-intensive industries such as consulting firms need to make their processes faster and more efficient, without compromising compliance. Improved M-Files integration for Adobe Acrobat Sign enables M-Files users to speed up the e-signing process and increase efficiency by legally signing documents directly within platform.

“The ability to sign important documents quickly, easily, and securely enables organizations to create a low-cost, all-digital workflow to increase productivity and reduce time spent on administrative work,” commented Chirs Whitcomb, Director, Global go-to-market partnerships at Adobe. “We look forward to providing M-Files customers with faster access to our cloud-based electronic signature solution to help strengthen document security and increase the speed of contract completion.”

With the M-Files for Adobe Acrobat Sign E-Signature Package, M-Files users can request electronic signatures from any M-Files process, including its mobile applications, through integrations in commonly used applications such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and Google Workplace.

Visit https://www.m-files.com/fr/ for more information on improved M-Files integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign.

About M-Files

M-Files is a world leader in information management. M-Files’ metadata-based document management platform enables employees to instantly find the right information when they need it, automate business processes and strengthen information control. It generates a competitive advantage and offers a good return on investment for companies, improving the customer experience and the quality of work, while minimizing risks. For more information, visit www.m-files.com.

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