TESTIMONIALS. What “digital nomads” don’t necessarily tell you about their “unusual” lives

After Costa Rica, where she lived for two years, Lise Slimane, 33, settled in Bali, Indonesia. In a few months, he will go to Bulgaria to live there for a few years. Since 2017, this freelancer and book author All to be a freelancer (Caliopea editions), has decided to switch 100% to teleworking.

With no fixed abode, the thirty-year-old from Lille now travels according to his desires. To select these destinations, however, he imposes two criteria: not far from the ocean or the mountains and having a good internet connection. The first allows him to live one of his passions: sliding sports (surfing or skiing), the second is important for him to be effective in his work.

Not attracted to a sedentary lifestyle

Like Lise, more and more of them are returning the keys to their home to discover the world, their backpacking job. They are called “digital nomads” or digital nomads. They are employees, entrepreneurs or freelancers and can practice their profession anywhere in the world, with the sole condition of having an internet connection.

Some always think about it. Accustomed to traveling abroad, they have never been attracted to a sedentary lifestyle. Ambroise Debret, 30, always knew he wanted to lead this kind of life. But, before starting, the young man took several years to start his freelance activity from Quebec and make sure it works. “Four, five years before I leave”he explains.

In 2020, he sold the rest of his business in Montreal where he still has a foothold and has definitely become a teleworker without borders.

Need for professional independence

Others, on the other hand, never thought about it, but a need for freedom in their work and a break from their routines led them to radically change the way of thinking about their everyday life.

After spending more than ten years in Paris, Benoît Raphaël took a one-way ticket to Bali in April and decided to manage his French start-up remotely. “I think I’ve covered what I can do”he believes “With Covid and the prisons, we realized that we can do a lot of things remotely and be better”.

At the pace of leisure and work

This lifestyle blurs the line between personal life and professional life. The work relationship is changing and the schedule is now adapting to leisure. “Usually, I work three shifts in my day, explained Lisa. Early in the morning, I always start with a personal activity. I do yoga or surf. »

Since work can be done anywhere, anytime, some barriers disappear. Fabienne and Benoît Luisier, a couple of “digital nomads” from Switzerland, know very well that their way of life is not “unimportant”.

Lovers of hiking, Fabienne and Benoît have the freedom to adapt their jobs to the weather. “If the weather is good on Monday morning, we won’t have any trouble walking for four hours”said Fabienne.

Social networks, glasses on the lark

Dreamscapes, video meetings from a café overlooking the sea, a computer on your knees and your feet in turquoise water… Looking at some accounts of “digital nomads” on social network, this way of life has something to dream about. ..

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