Become a freelancer with wage portage: freedom without the hassle

The beauty of freedom… and the weight of self-governance

SSurprisingly, at a time when the work relationship seems set to change dramatically, many are choosing independence as one of the crossroads. Autonomy comes at the cost of breathing. The negotiation of its prices becomes the rule, the barriers of hierarchy disappear like a distant memory, and everything is established against a background of flexibility. In a word, the freelancer is his own boss. From this comes a motivation which, it is quite understandable, finds no equivalent in the wage system. Of course, being independent is also a matter of skills, attitudes, and it will be a question of preparing to be independent with care.

But not everything is simple in the realm of freedom. Although we like to show his ability, put together these contracts which are so challenging, here is the daunting procession of administrative tasks. It is a very deep pit, where time flies with mysterious terms and rebellious numbers. Not to mention the stress it causes. We recognized it then, and it was a bit embarrassing, but the wage system has some advantages… This is where the wage portage comes in, a device that aims, precisely, to focus the freelancer on his main business. The regulation limits the number of activities that can benefit from it to 750, it also lists some preliminary criteria, but it still leaves a good range of eligible professions. Régie-Portage, for example, covers a wide field with specialization in IT, interim management and construction.

Too good to be risky?

A tripartite contractual relationship between a freelancer, a company and an intermediary company, wage portage is a hybrid form of freelance and salaried work. The freelancer’s methods and mission remain the same as the traditional form, but the latter signs an employment contract… with an umbrella company. It provides the benefits of work, starting with personal protection (access to the general social security system), the significant reduction in administrative procedures, which are very time-consuming, access to unemployment insurance, contributions for retirement, the benefit of a mutual company and a provident fund.

There is an opportunity here that is not yet well known, oddly enough, but the details are attracting an ever-increasing number of professionals. The reason why the interest of independence, free organization, choice of missions or the ADR (Average Daily Rate) is not affected in any way. Only, by signing a contract (CDD or CDI) with the wage portage company, he delegates the invoice and gets a payslip in return. The formula is attractive, and for good reason, but it is important not to blindly entrust its implementation.

Choose your umbrella company wisely

Between different wage portage companies, there are varying factors that would be wrong to ignore. For example, considering the issue of commissions is very important to avoid any disappointment. The intermediary company must have management fees, but these vary in relatively large proportions (from 2 to 12% depending on the case). To these are sometimes added hidden costs, certainly in a dubious and common way (over-invoicing of employer contributions, improper extraction of VAT, etc.). We will also ensure transparency in this area by favoring those with the “Zero hidden cost” label (awarded by Fedep’s – the association of wage portage users). When the law lacks precision, it is to be feared, in principle, that unscrupulous behavior will be rampant.

Frédéric Mauriange, the founder of Régie-Portage, had his first life as a freelancer benefiting from wage portage. He left disappointed, almost disgusted with the lack of transparency, the quality of the service to be reviewed and questionable human relations. No matter, he will create his own company, keeping in mind that he is freelance and the intermediary he wants. Today, Google reviews testify to this: it is a great success. Among its requirements, of course, is transparency, but also simplicity. Its digital platform also allows you to download documents, create your TJM simulation in one click and a mobile application is under development. Undoubtedly, freedom wins over clarity.

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