The favorite tools of community managers in 2022

As part of our annual CM survey, we asked community managers to share with us the tools they use every day to get their work done and increase productivity. Overview of the types of tools preferred by social media experts!

1. Native social platform tools

Community managers naturally rely on the tools offered by social networks themselves. So, many of them mentioned the Meta Business Suite (formerly Facebook Business Suite) platform. This native tool makes it easy to manage various Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as messages from Messenger. Some CMs also mention Meta Business Manager. Second most frequently named native tool: Creator Studio, another tool from the Meta group that supports scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts. Finally on the last step of the podium: TweetDeck, the Twitter tool to get an overview of the activity of its accounts (notifications, new followers, tweets in which you are mentioned, etc.). It allows you to monitor Twitter for news in your field of activity.

The 5 native tools most mentioned by community managers:

  1. Meta Business Suite
  2. CreatorStudio
  3. TweetDeck
  4. LinkedIn (tools integrated into the platform)
  5. Instagram (in-app tools)

2. Social media management solutions

Most social media experts use tools that allow them to easily schedule and publish posts on all social networks. Hootsuite comes first, a reference tool in the social media community, followed by two French solutions recognized in the market: Agorapulse and Swello. Following the ranking, we found Metricool and Iconosquare remarkably equipped with advanced functionalities to analyze the statistics of its accounts and easily generate detailed reports.

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3. Tools for creating and retouching visuals

Among the main daily tasks of community managers, we found: the creation of photos or images. And to create this content, community managers rely primarily on Canva, an intuitive tool that doesn’t require advanced technical skills. As for the most up-to-date method, many of them turn to software from the Adobe suite, and specifically to Photoshop, the reference tool for photo editing and retouching. So, we found 4 Adobe tools in the top 5 CM, which clearly shows the dominance of the American publisher in the design software market.

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4. Tools for creating video montages

In 2022, more CMs will spend time creating video content (+6 points compared to last year). Between Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, CMs have a lot to express their creativity! The video software favored by social media experts is no surprise: Premiere Pro, Adobe’s software. Some also use the Premiere Rush mobile app. What is interesting this year is the appearance of CapCut in the ranking, the tool developed by TikTok to create video montages and add effects. Finally, on the last step of the podium, we see PlayPlay which allows you to create videos with subtitles in a few minutes for social networks.

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5. Productivity tools to manage all projects

Who said social networks, said management! And managing multiple accounts on different social platforms cannot be improvised. You need to be organized and have the best tools to be better and perform your actions. So, CMs don’t hesitate to use Trello, which is an easy-to-use project management tool that also enables teamwork. Many community managers also mentioned: Notion, an intuitive tool that allows you to centralize your tasks, notes and documents but to manage projects with several people. Another frequently mentioned tool: Google Drive, a document storage tool that needs no introduction. In the rest of the top 10, we mainly find office tools such as Excel, Word or Google Sheets, professional messaging services such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, as well as other project management tools such as Asana or monday.

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6. Social listening solutions

Social monitoring platforms allow CMs to know in real time what is being said about their brands, to monitor the actions of their competitors but also to identify emerging trends in their sector of activity . Talkwalker was mentioned the most by CMs in this category. The platform has a free tool named Talkwalker Alerts which allows you to track keywords on the web and social networks (including Twitter). On the other two steps of the podium, we find Meltwater and Mention, which are two tools that allow both to monitor social networks but also to program their publications.

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7. Influencer marketing platforms

The number of community managers who have used influencer marketing platforms is still small, which makes sense when you consider that only a third of surveyed CMs work with creators. These platforms make it possible to identify the right influencers for your brand and engage with them. The minority of CMs who do actions with influencers mainly mention Kolsquare, a complete platform that allows you to activate partnerships with influencers from Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. Then, we find HypeAuditor in 2nd position for managing influencer campaigns from A to Z, and finally, Stellar, a platform in French that makes it easy to identify influencers that match its brand.

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Methodology: survey conducted online by the BDM, from October 19 to November 9, 2022, on 902 community managers and social media managers practicing their profession in France.

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