Route du Rhum: what to remember from the fifteenth day – Route du Rhum

Info of the day: The finish line will close on December 7th and no longer on December 4th

After a delayed start of three days, the finish line was not moved. It will close on December 4 at 5 pm as originally planned. But the weather was not very cooperative, the solo sailors made a lot of up-wind and, after more or less violent fronts, areas of weak wind did not facilitate the progress of the competitors in Route du Rhum. So the management of the race decided to bring back the closing time of this finish line: the competitors, including the last Jean-Sébastien Biard (Rhum Mono, above) are still 1,982 miles from Pointe-à- Pitre, have until Wednesday, December 7, 6 pm to arrive on time. Beyond this time, competitors will be considered out of time. Tick, tick, tick, tick…

The truth of the race: Roland Jourdain overtakes Loïc Escoffier

After Gilles Buekenhout capsized with only 280 miles left to cover, Loïc Escoffier led the fleet ahead of Roland Jourdain. But the double winner of the Route du Rhum at Imoca has surpassed it in recent times. Before that, the Belgian was picked up by a cargo ship at night.

The reason for such an overrun, the three-hour escoffier penalty. Loïc Escoffier’s multiplayer trail made a strange loop this Thursday morning: Technical concern? No, three hours penalty. On November 15, during a routine check of his engines, Malouin noticed that the lead links located at the level of the propeller shafts had jumped following a mechanical problem. The skipper of the “Lodigroup” immediately informed the race management, along with the supporting video. He has since reinstalled new links and tied the engine’s propeller shafts so that the problem never happened again. In accordance with the racing rules, he received a three-hour penalty for this lead break to be executed when he wanted, but before 60 degrees west. In consultation with his router, Jean-Yves Bernot, Malouin decided to do it this Thursday morning. Relegated 20 miles from Roland Jourdain, he attacked again… to try to win the Route du Rhum in the Rhum Multi.

THE SCORING (5:04 pm): 1. R. Jourdain (We Explore) at 181.2 m 2. Loïc Escoffier (Lodigroup) at 17.6 m from first; 3. Mr. Guillemot (Metarom) at 110.3m; 4. H. Mabire (GDD) at 137.5m; 5. Mr. Chapalain (Guyader – Savéol) at 300.6 m; 6. F. Payen (Ille-et-Vilaine Cap towards Integration) at 557.5 nm; 7. P. Poupon (Flo) at 645.7m; 8. E. Hochédé (PiR2) at 659.1 m; 9. C. Capelle (Acapella – The Chain of Hope) at 1,058 m; 10. T. Lurton (Moxie – Armor Frame) at 1060.3nm…

Ultimate: Romain Pilliard less than 150 miles from the goal

Still the last Ultimate in the race, the “Use it Again!” by Extia” by Romain Pilliard was less than 150 miles from the finish line.

THE CLASSIFICATION: 1. Charles Caudrelier (Edmond de Rothschild) arrived after 6 d 19 h 47’5”; 2. F. Gabart (SVR-Lazartigue) arrived at 3:15:50 am; 3. T. Coville (Sodebo) arrived at 10.50 am; 4. F. Joyon (Idec Sport) arrived at 1:54:15 am; 5. Y. Le Blevec (Actual) arrived in 1 d 20 h 1’36”; 6. A. Le Vaillant (Better) arrived in 3 d 5 h 39’26”; 7. A. Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire XI) arrived in 4 d 3 h 1’59”.

THE SCORING (5:03 pm): 8. R. Pilliard (Use it Again by Extia) 147.3 miles from the finish.

Imoca: Szabolcs Weöres has arrived

Arrivals at Pointe-à-Pitre continue to follow the Imoca class. Five new skippers crossed the line between Wednesday night and Thursday morning: Antoine Cornic, Éric Bellion, Boris Herrmann, Guirec Soudée and the Hungarian Szabolcs Weöres took 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th place. Louis Duc should follow in the next few hours.

THE CLASSIFICATION: 1. Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut) came in after 11:05:36:25; 2. C. Dalin (Apivia) in 2h 1’16”; 3. J. Beyou (Charal) at 3:24:30 am; 4. K. Escoffier (Holcim – PRB) at 5:54:49 am; 5. G. Sorel (V and B – Monbana – Mayenne) at 3:23:17 pm; 6. P. Meilhat (Biotherm) at 4:42:08 pm; 7. J. Mettraux ( at 7:50:10 pm; 8. B. Dutreux (Guyot Environnement – Water Family) in 1 d 6h 14′ 59”; 9. I. Joschke (MACSF) in 1 d 08 h 50’29”; 10. R. Attanasio (Fortinet-Best Western) in 1 d 14 h 3′ and 55”; 11. S. Marsset (Mon Courtier Energie – Cap Agir Ensemble) in 1 d 15h 0’et 30”; 12. P. Hare (Medallia) in 1 d 15 h 1′ 47” 13. T. Le Turquais (Lazare) in 1 d 17 h 7′ and 19”; 14. J. Harayda (Gentoo Sailing Team) in 1 d 20 h 37′ and 10”; 15. B. Ferré (Monnoyeur – Duo for a Work) at 1 d 22h 03′ and 05”; 16. G. Pedote (Prysmian Group) at 1d 22h 56′ and 25”; 17. A. Boissières (La Mie Câline) in 2d 2h and 55”; 18. C. Colman (Imagine) in 2d 2h 46′ 53”; 19. Y. Bestaven (Master CoQ V) in 2 d 3 h 1′ and 2”; 20. N. Troussel (Corum L’Epargne) in 2d 3h 20′ 37”; 21. A. Roura (Porthole) in 2d 8h 10′ 48”; 22. A. Cornic (Human Immobilier) in 2 d 13 h 58′; 23. E. Bellion (Commeunseulhomme Powered by Altavia) at 2 d 7:50:15 pm; 24. B. Herrmann (Malizia – Seaexplorer) in 2 d 21h 45’16”; 25. Mr. Soudée ( at 3 d 1 h 22’23”; 26. S. Weöres (Szabi Racing) in 3d 4h 42’49”

THE SCORING (5:03 pm): 27. L. Duc (Fives – Lantana Environnement) 20.7 miles from the finish; 28. S. Davies (Initiatives – Heart) in 200 m; 29. Xu Jingkun (China Dream – Haikou) at 227.3m: 30. M. Cousin (Sétin Group) at 244.9m…

Class40: Macaire, Carpentier and Berry came together

After the arrival of Yoann Richomme, Ambrogio Beccaria and Corentin Douguet and Simon Koster, Xavier Macaire, Antoine Carpentier and Luke Berry arrived this Thursday. Italian Alberto Bona leads the rest of the fleet

THE CLASSIFICATION: 1. Yoann Richomme (Paprec Arkéa) arrived after 14 d 3 h 8′ 40”; 2. A. Beccaria (Allagrande Pirelli) at 4:15:08 am; 3. C. Douguet (Queguiner – Innoveo) at 6:15:32 am; 4. S. Koster (Banque du Léman) at 3:36:20 pm; 5. X. Macaire (SNEF Group) at 7:02:15 pm, 6. A. Carpentier (Redman) 7:09:50 pm; 7. L. Berry (Lamotte – Creation Module) at 7:53:02 pm

THE SCORING (6:04 pm): 8. A. Bona (IBSA) 16.4 miles from the finish; 9. M. Le Pape (Stargardt Foundation) 153.4 nm from Bona; 10. K. De Pavant (HBF – Reforest’Action) at 191.3 nm…

Mono Rum: Jean-Pierre Dick is still ahead, Clerton moves

Jean-Pierre Dick has once again widened the gap in the lead of Rhum Mono: he now has a lead of more than 470 miles over Catherine Chabaud. Third in the score on Wednesday night, Wilfrid Clerton regained this place on Thursday night after being unlocated.

THE START (6:04 pm): 1. Jean-Pierre Dick (Notre Méditerranée – Ville de Nice) 275 miles from the finish; 2. C. Chabaud (Formatives Esi Business School For Ocean As Common) at 481.5 nm from the first; 3.W. Clerton (location of Cap au Cap) at 700.7 nm; 4. W. Bissainte (Tradysion Gwadloup) at 884.9 nm; 5. G. Colubi (Kornog 2) at 1203.5 nm; 6. G. Pronier at 1514.1 nm; 7. A. Pennarun (Pen Duick III for the sons of Robert Debré) at 1,559.5 nm; 8. R. Gerin (Faiaoahe) at 1,679.8 nm; 9. F. Gennari (Bella Donna – Race For Pure Ocean) 1743.8 nm; 10. D. Écalard (SOS Pare-Brise) at 1,865.8 nm…

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