Here’s how Twitter can make creating threads and long tweets easier

For some, Twitter’s short message format is its unique selling point.. Users say what they have to say in 280 characters, and everyone can quickly read their opinions. That may no longer be the case if one of Elon Musk’s many plans for the company comes to fruition..

Originally, tweets were limited to 140 characters, which Twitter said was due to limitations imposed by its text-based sources. As the business grew, Twitter no longer relied on text messages and the character limit was doubled to 280 characters. But many users still run into this limitation and have to find creative ways to convey their highly detailed pitches on the social media site. One of the methods is to use the Notepad application that is equipped with many smartphones and tablets. This application can be used to write long messages and tell relatively long stories. Text written in the app can be captured, as many times as needed, and those screenshots can be attached to a tweet. The tweet character limit can be used to post a short summary and attach the hashtags needed. It’s something that Elon Musk once called “absurd” when he talked about introducing a way to add long text to tweets from the app itself.

Another common method is “threading,” which people have indicated with the “threading” emoji recently. Well-planned threads feature numbered tweets, but some are more freely worded. The idea of ​​a thread is simple: You post what you have to say, and when you run out of space, you reply in your own original tweet with more details on the topic. Then you just add tweets to the “feed” until you’re done. This popular method could serve as the basis for Musk’s projects.

Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong said that Twitter is working on an update that will automatically turn your long tweets into threads.

According to Wong, auto-chains your tweets when the tweet limit is reached, and you can continue typing and will add more tweets. However, this may not change things as much as it seems.

A few more questions

Twitter has long recognized both its limitations and the popularity of threading. While originally users had to reply to their previous tweet, allowing other users to jump in and reply before context was added, Twitter recently posted an update that made the threading Easier. The field where you type a new tweet has a + button in the lower right corner, which adds an additional tweet to the thread. This allows users to easily compile threads and switch between tweets to edit everything and make sure it flows. The next update could make it easier for users to paste a lot of text, post very long threads, and avoid interrupting their feed between different tweets. However, other users have pointed out that the + button has its advantages. Currently, users can precisely customize the start and end of each tweet, as well as its length. If the process is going to be automated, things are likely to be more difficult.

The most talked about change planned by Musk is the relaunch of the premium subscription service “Twitter Blue” and what it means for verification. Initially, Musk tried to quickly roll out the $8-a-month plan, but that led to major issues. Anyone who has paid a price is automatically verified, and although the badges distinguish between “previously verified” users, such as politicians, celebrities and brands, the two ticks look alike at first glance . This has led to a situation where trolls pose as public figures and businesses and then tweet various offensive content. Twitter has suspended the possibility to register for this service and is back to square one.

More changes to come

But one tick for everyone isn’t Twitter’s only new or most useful feature. Although he emphasized paid service, Musk has promised to make a long-desired feature available to everyone, the edit button.. Twitter tested its edit button shortly before the acquisition and initially made it available to Blue users. Previously, there was no way to edit a tweet once it was posted and the only way to fix a typo or add a missing hashtag was to delete it and try again.

Musk also wants to add longer, higher-quality videos to the service. The ability to upload longer videos will be one of the benefits of the “New Blue,” but it won’t just boost signups for Musk’s main monetization plan. The service could also generate revenue by attracting popular content creators to sites like YouTube, which Musk has previously highlighted as one of its ambitions.

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