Guirec Soude, 25th Imoca on the Route du Rhum: “I feel privileged (…)

He still didn’t come back. Guirec Soude crossed the Atlantic in 14 days and 18 hours. A few years ago, the days weren’t really counted the same way. It is the time before, that of an initiatory world tour with dreams in your head before a double transatlantic rowing to forge the sailor and the man he is.

“It’s usually not my averages…”

From now on, Guirec Soude is a skipper IMOCA
the most famous monohull, and it just finished one of the most iconic races in the sailing world, the Rum route
Rum route
– Destination Guadeloupe. The smile and the burst of joy, despite the fatigue, are more than the events. “I’m still in shock to think that I did this in the space of two weeks, these are not my averages usually. Even if you’re focused on your boat’s performance, it’s great to make a super fast crossing. »

Guirec had sparkling eyes, sometimes one could hear the tremors in his voice as if the emotion reddened in every sentence, which could no longer be controlled in the middle of the night. “I’m so glad I finished it adventure

» he confessed then. Crossing the line is a reward in itself: it ensures qualification for the next Vende Globe and it shows that the 30-year-old has “more and more control” of the boat and that he has reached a new level in the study rules.

“I feel privileged”

Admittedly, the Rum route
Rum route
– Destination Guadeloupe, its series of fronts at the beginning and its particularly violent storms, is a long calm river. However, true to himself, Guirec showed courage, even briefly occupying 2e rank position. “I didn’t forget, I even took screenshots of the cartography then,” he said with a laugh. The Bretons also had to fight and fight in the midst of chaos, when the sea crossed and the gusts of wind complicated everything.

“Sometimes you feel bad on the boat. You can see that he hit hard and it hurts”, he confessed on board. The skipper of had energy problems and mainly had to struggle with his sails, such as the mainsail ripped in front and the gennaker ripped. “I feel privileged to have the opportunity to finish,” he continued.

“We will do well in the future! »

It is also a way to gain confidence, he who tirelessly repeats “to still have to learn everything. “I’m starting to know my boat really well. I can no longer push it in very difficult conditions and I really feel safe riding. But there are still tweaks to be found. He appreciates his monohull more, a boat that is “seaworthy, resistant, not too complicated to sail.” »

The duo formed by Guirec withIMOCA
#IMOCA has Everest ahead of it: the Vende Globe 2024. “In two years, it will happen quickly,” enthuses Guirec. “We haven’t sailed much before. I feel like I’m getting along better with my boat and we understand each other better. The sailor, on the other hand, maintains his clarity and enthusiasm. “I’m lucky to be surrounded by my team and very motivated. With all these ingredients, we will usually be in good shape in the future! »


  • Race time: 14 days 18 hours 58 minutes 48 seconds
  • Speed
    average in orthodromy (direct route): 9.98 knots
  • Speed
    true average: 11.83 knots
  • Miles flown: 4,199.40 miles
  • card with first: 25e 3 days 1 hour 22 minutes 23 seconds

Guirec on some figures and dates

  • + 60,000 miles solo 29 years old
  • + 670 days of single sailing
  • 21 years old: crossing the Atlantic sailing solo and unassisted
  • 23 years old: winter for 130 days on the ice of Greenland in complete autarky
  • 24 years old: he became the youngest sailor in the world to cross the dangerous Northwest Passage
  • 25 years: crossing the Pacific from North to South
  • 26 years old: passing Cape Horn. Undergoes a reversal in the 50sis. Go up to 3
  • transatlantic
  • 28 years old: crosses the Atlantic by train from East to West unaided in 74 days
  • 29 years old: crosses the North Atlantic from West to East unaided in 107 days

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